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What is the product made of?
George's work is hand cast in stone, actually the same stone/concrete that is used to build bridges, so it is very weather resistant.

How does it hang? 
We use aeronautical wire imbedded in the stone. The same wire that was used on the space shuttle. We tried to break it, and could not!

Can it be left outdoors in the winter?
Let's just say yes. We have had our birdbath, code 201, outdoors under a downspout in Ohio winters for 25 years. Having said that, if you leave a piece outdoors in winters like Ohio, and let's say you lay it down so water can pool in the image, it is possible that ice will break the design. So, if hung properly, all should be just fine.

Do I need to put a sealer on the product? 

How do I reach Garden Smiles?   
You can phone Garden Smiles 419-878-5412. Directions to the store and hours.

Can you ship out of the country? 
Yes, we simply charge you actual shipping costs which would require a phone call to the office 800-225-1178 or email  info@carruthstudio.com.  We will research the cost of shipping and let you know.

How do I ship to multiple addresses? 
When you checkout on the website, there is a yellow box that walks you through the steps for shipping to multiple addresses.  Add your items to your shopping cart, then at checkout, you will add addresses and then select the address for each item. If you have any questions, please phone 800-225-1178.  We will gladly take your orders over the phone too.

How much will it be to ship concrete?
We charge a minimum of $6.95 for shipping of the first design to a single address (approx ½ of actual charge) plus $1/design sent to the same address.  If you ship to multiple addresses the charge would apply to each address, so $6.95/address plus $1/additional design.

Can I get a catalog?
Absolutely. We create two catalogs a year choosing from our newest and best sellers. Fill out the form on our "request a catalog" page and we will be happy to send you our most recent catalog. You may also email or call us at  info@carruthstudio.com or 800-225-1178

Tell me about your new patinas? 
For many years you received George's designs with a light patina we call "natural stone".  In 2012, George succeeded in creating patinas that truly brings out the detail in his work, and we love them. "Aged stone" gives the pieces the look of, you guessed it, aged stone & allows the detail to be seen. "Designer White" is wonderful for interior display, offering a more contemporary feel. "Green" provides a natural look we just love on many pieces and "Terra Cotta" is great on the celestial series as well as being perfect for "Razzberries". 

How old is George? 
George is the perfect age... as old as his tongue and a little older than his teeth.

Does George live here?
George & Deb live part time in Ohio and part time in Portland OR near their children and grandchildren. Alright, now you have a little idea of how old he is.

Would he ever consider making a (fill in the blank)?
We always welcome ideas for what to make. You never know, he may just find your idea to be inspiring. George is inspired in any number of ways. It can be from daily life and observations, travel, or from flipping through books and looking at artwork in museums. Initially he was inspired by the medieval ivory carvings seen in the Toledo Museum of Art. Recently he was inspired to create "Raining Cats & Dogs" from a trip to France, seeing the gargoyles on cathedrals.

Web Order Return Policy
We certainly hope you love your purchase from George Carruth, but if this is not the case, while this saddens us we do understand. Our return policy is as follows: Return in the same packaging you received the item. Return postage is your expense. Please send a note stating whether you would like a credit applied to your card or an exchange. For obvious reasons, there are NO RETURNS ON PERSONALIZED ENGRAVED STONES. Our address is: Carruth Studio, 1178 Farnsworth Rd., Waterville, OH 43566

FAQs About Our Fundraising Program 

What designs are available and what is the price range?
We have selected 42 designs for our fundraiser catalog with prices starting at $18. Please keep your choices to those designs featured in the fundraiser catalog.

How do we get started?

  1. Request a fundraiser packet from Carruth Studio.
  2. Meet with your organization about the program, review the packet, set your sales goals, and establish your sale dates (most groups sell for 2-3 weeks).
  3. Complete and return the "Fundraiser Program Agreement" form included in your packet.
  4. Call or Email Karen with the number of fundraiser catalogs your organization will need and the business shipping address or let her know when you can pick them up. (Note: catalogs are normally sent via FedEx or UPS).
    Phone: 1-800-225-1178 x36
    E-mail: karenm@carruthstudio.com

Is there a charge for the fundraiser catalogs?
There is no charge for the fundraiser catalogs and order forms.

Do you have a minimum amount for the fundraiser?
We do have a minimum of $400 in total sales. However, if your organization does not reach minimum (very few organizations have this problem), we will charge a $20 handling fee. This should be deducted from your total profit.

Our group has completed our sale, what happens next?

  • Consolidate your orders into one master order (see example below). We can email a spreadsheet to simplify.
  • Send us your order via email, fax, phone, or mail.
  • Include payment with your order, which must be made by 1 check payable to Carruth Studio or by Visa or Mastercard. You will only pay us 60% of the sales. By doing so, you earn your profit immediately!
  • Please review your order carefully, any changes after submission of your final and approved order will result in a $20 handling fee per occurrence.


When will my order ship?

After you submit your master order, your order should be ready to ship in 2-3 weeks for spring orders and 3-4 weeks for fall orders. The entire order must ship to one address, a business or commercial address to receive the free freight. We normally send your order via FedEx or UPS.


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