Why Leaves

October 17, 2015

 As you know, I enjoy combining human faces with nature.  The first leaf face was influenced by an alder grove near our home.

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George's Creation of the "Terrifying Trio"

October 10, 2015

Halloween! Wow does this bring back memories! Sculpting this ''Terrifying Trio'' plaque took me back to being a kid again.  Some kids had official costumes from the store, but most of us rummaged through closets looking for quirky hats, coats or any other clothing cast off.  

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Carving a family gravestone, chapter 2

December 06, 2014

photo 2 photo 1
photo 1 photo 3














Carving has begun.  Yesterday George spent the day laying out the names and dates in preparation for sandblasting. Actually, he spent much of the day helping Todd paint our pieces for the holiday orders to free Todd up to help with sandblasting.  Limestone is compressed shells really, and the texture of this stone George describes as being similar to fossilized lumpy oatmeal.  In order to ensure that a letter wasn’t chipped due to this texture, George sandblasted very lightly and then finished with the hand chisels.  Ironically, the chair George uses, the tired dirty one in the photo, is a Toledo Metal Furniture chair from my childhood.  I remember taking a trip with my Dad to a school somewhere out in the country to set up chairs he had sold to them.  It’s a fond memory.  The light is how George works, one light in a pitch dark room that he moves around in order to see how crisp the lines are.  This extreme shadowed light helps him ensure the depth is uniform.  It’s also interesting that once he begins carving, that is all he does.  He carved for 6 hours without any thought or need for food.  He goes to a different place, a distant sort of space completely absorbed in the tap tap tapping.  It always looks like he is carving butter.

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Carving a family gravestone

December 02, 2014

My father died Sept 15, 2000 and shortly afterward George agreed to carve his gravestone.  The difficulty was in deciding what to carve for his in-laws.  Carving his own parents stone came fairly easily.  The style and imagery just seemed to fall together, consistent with many other pieces George had carved.  He and our son, Ben, worked together to carve the family tree within a celtic cross on a 9 foot tall piece of limestone. 

photoThe stone for my parents proved to be more difficult for various reasons.  Our family is larger than George’s so the idea of a family tree wasn’t possible.   As each year rolled by, the subject of my parent’s stone would be discussed and ideas for images would come and go as nothing ever seemed to fit.  I suppose I just wanted George to find the magic and he was hoping for inspiration from me, kind of a vicious circle of sorts.   In 2012 George hit upon the essence of my parents, the idea of a stack of books on top of the stone came to be, a means of representing both of them through their love of books and the many memories we all share of having The World Book or The Oxford Dictionary pulled out during dinner to prove one point or another.  


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Carruth Studio’s "Beautiful Gardens 2014" Winners

August 08, 2014

Here George and I sit, side by side at our dining room table with the sun shining in through the windows, promising to be a VERY hot day.  Thomas, our very small yorkie pooh sits by my side. The hydrangeas are drooping in the heat as scrub jays land on the terrace  to steal dog food for their breakfast.  Here is where we are…looking at all of these wonderful photos for the "Beautiful Garden Contest".

As is always the case, choosing just one is simply not possible.  We have narrowed the playing field down to a mere 6 winners!

Our favorite for 2014..lovingly called our  “Favorite Fairy Garden” goes to Janet Morgan.  Thank you Janet for this great photo.  We love the moss tucked around the door and the way the cat peering out is so prevalent.  We love everything about this photo.  You are our Number One winner for $75!

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Thank You for Another Year!

December 23, 2013

Photo by Terri Lynn Ward

It is nearly 2014, can you believe it?

Another year marches into our memories.

We have experienced both joy and sadness, creativity and the struggle to find creativity…

Photo by Jennifer Brunkus

the gamut of what life offers up, and in the offering the fact that life moves on..ebbing ever forward carrying whatever energy we cast out.

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Introducing New Original Designs

October 03, 2013

Back in August, I asked for your help in deciding which original design I should work on next. I appreciated your many comments as well as the ideas and feedback you offered. Deb and I always enjoy hearing from you and we pay close attention to what you say.

As it turned out, I focused my sculpting on the little girl in the rowboat filled with puppies. I’m really pleased with how she has turned out and so, I’d like to introduce “Ruff Seas” to you.

Ruff Seas featuring girl on a rowboat filled with puppies

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Which One Floats Your Boat?

August 28, 2013

image-of-which-sketch-by-george-carruthWhich do you prefer?

Here we go again, I need your help and your opinion!

Summer is coming to a close and I’ve made two tiny clay sketches, trying to capture that summer feeling.

These small clay sketches are fairly new for me.

Because the finished piece will be three dimensional, pencil sketches are always lacking somehow. Especially when the casting issues need to be resolved.

By this I’m referring to undercuts that might not fill completely with cement, leaving an air bubble on the surface.  Small protrusions like fingers, noses and small leaves  add detail and interest, but are vulnerable to breakage during un-molding and the shipping process.

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Finding George Carruth and CarruthStudio.com

August 19, 2013


“Bunches of Fun” by George Carruth

Deb and I treasure the stories people send us about how they use their Carruth pieces.

We take great pleasure in hearing how these hand-crafted stone sculptures, based on my original designs, are given as gifts for special occasions, and used as home or garden decorations.

Earlier today, Teena Madsen sent us this wonderful story of how she looked for my work for some years before finding it, and us, again.

We appreciate both the story and the sentiment behind it.

Thank you Teena.

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Introducing “Pug In Posies” and “Feline In Flowers”

August 05, 2013


“Pug in Posies”

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on whether George should sculpt a pug or a cat.

He decided to sculpt both!

We’d like to introduce “Pug in Posies” and “Feline in Flowers”– two new, original designs based on George’s sculptures...

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Help Me Choose Which Idea to Sculpt

April 05, 2013

Sheep Plaque Sketch


Which one to Make?  Help me decide….

Sometimes making miniatures as sketches can be fun and helpful.  I don’t always make these sketches but when I do it helps me see how the image will translate 3 dimensionally, how things will overlap.  I will do a tiny thumbnail drawing, but it doesn’t help me understand the volume and overlap.   When I start sculpting everything just comes together.  Currently I have about a dozen of these little “sketches in clay” on my desk.  I really enjoy sculpting in this scale.

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Carruth Studio Proudly Introduces The Mary Engelbreit Collection by George Carruth

June 26, 2012

The Mary Engelbreit Collection by George Carruth, "Autumn"

"Autumn" from The Mary Engelbreit Collection by George Carruth

We have always been huge fans of Mary Engelbreit.  We love her work, loved her Home Companion magazine because she supported artists and so beautifully shared how to, what and why.  So today I, Deb Carruth, am writing this blog because we are so excited to introduce The Mary Engelbreit Collection by George Carruth!  Doesn’t a great story begin with… it came to be  one day when….well it did come to be as I was perusing the web and decided to take a look at Mary’s website.   Intrigued to see the licensing opportunities button I took a look see.  It came to me that creating some of Mary’s designs in stone would be a wonderful idea.  This probably sounds ghoulish, but my comment to George was “this is just what I would do if you were dead!  I would try to find great artwork to re-create.”  George’s response was basically, “why do I have to be dead?!”   Which of course is absolutely true.  He also responded with, “I’m not sure I can do her work justice.”  Which is absolutely untrue.

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Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2012

hand cast in stone from George Carruth

A Special Limited Edition hand painted by George Carruth


It is amazing how color can transform an image.  Just for fun on Valentine’s Day, I brushed a splash of red paint on two of our smaller plaques.   By simply painting a couple of flowers red, the little animal images transition from cute to romantic.  That one drop of bright red paint connecting it to Valentine’s Day, has given the tiny sculptures a whole new energy.   Before, they were simply cute little creatures with human traits, sort of like dressing up the dog or cat for Halloween.  But now, with that tiny splash of color and a Valentine’s Day connection, these furry little creatures take on imaginative personalities with busy little romantic lives.
This reminds me of how children use color instinctively.  They’ll draw a house, stick figure family members, pets and trees but always add a big splash of yellow at the top.   Painting a big yellow sun up above is their way of telling us the family was happy on that particular day.

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George shares his newest piece..walking the dogs

October 18, 2011

George Carruth Discusses his newest piece, "Walking the Dogs"

George Carruth discusses his newest piece, "Walking the Dogs"

George shares his newest piece.  He has  captured the mood of walking the dogs, and of how what can seem to be a chore can actually be one of the most delightful moments of the day.  We often find that walking in the rain, smelling the scent of the rain, the earth and the plants..especially in the night air..is particularly quieting and meditative in many ways.  An everyday moment that brings great pleasure.

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Halloween Stories Shared by Fans

October 13, 2011





George Carruth Discusses his newest piece, "Walking the Dogs"
Halloween is a favorite holiday in our household.  George carves out the guts of many pumpkins so the rest of us simply have the pleasure of carving our images.  It’s great fun to see them come to life & then just sit back and enjoy the evening.
A bit ago I asked for “Favorite Halloween Stories” promising to share them  and  give the storyteller of the  most favorite story the gift of one of our halloween designs.   All of the stories bring a smile and, as is typical of us, we couldn’t choose just one.  Instead, three stories have been chosen as favorites.   Thank you ALL so much for sharing.


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Stone Faces

September 18, 2011

Garden Smile Plaque

I’m probably overdue for a new face plaque. The very first face plaque was the Garden Smile. So far, it has remained the most popular of all the faces. After all, smiles and laughter are contagious.

From our variety of smiling plaques, my favorite is still Too Much Fun.  Not only does it make me smile, it has an architecturally historical feeling about it, reminiscent of something carved above the doorway on an old stone building.

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George Looks for Feedback on Gnome Idea

August 30, 2011

"Flying Gnome Clay Model by George Carruth"
Feedback for George on his flying gnome idea

I don’t always do little 3D sketches, but this flying Gnome idea grabbed my attention.  This is an exercise to explore how little flying Gnomes would look. OK, Gnomes have been around forever, but I wanted to make tiny flying Gnomes that were more part of the insect world.  So by giving them insect wings, they can flutter around from flower to flower.  This tiny sketch was originally a model for a full size cast stone plaque series, but as it came to life, the idea of turning it into a strong magnet for the fridge or file cabinet developed. So, what do you think? Do you even like the concept of tiny flying Gnomes? Do you picture them as full size cast stone plaques or a little fridge magnets?  Maybe both?  I’d love your input.  Good idea or too much time on my hands.  George

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Carruth Fundraising Program Helps You Raise Money Easily

August 29, 2011



Autumn is approaching and as kids are heading back to school, parents all over the country are facing the prospect of school and organization fundraisers. Whether you’re someone whose child has brought home the request for help or someone who has bravely taken on the role of raising money for your group, it can feel overwhelming.

I’m mentioning all of this because I’m not sure you know that Carruth Studio has a fundraising program that can help you raise money easily. Our program provides a fundraiser catalog with 42 different Carruth designs, with pricing starting at just $15.95. Our products are completely weatherproof, have a 100% lifetime guarantee and are made in the USA. They are also gift boxed in beautiful eco-friendly packaging

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The Winner of "Beautiful Gardens 2011" Is Elizabeth Bohland!

July 29, 2011


"Forest Stump" from Maria Hubard's garden

Over the years Deb and I have enjoyed the photographs and videos you send us showing the ways you use your Carrruth designs. We love seeing your garden decoration ideas and the creative things you do with them in your homes and offices.

Last year we launched a “Beautiful Gardens 2010” contest as a way of sharing these images with all of our customers, Facebook fans, and Twitter followers. We had a tremendous response.

This June we launched the “Beautiful Gardens 2011” contest and invited all of you to email us your images or post your pictures on our Facebook wall. Again, we have had so much fun as each of the pictures has come to us. Thank you all so much for sharing your beautiful gardens with us.

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A Story For ABC World News "Made in America" Series

July 21, 2011

This arrived by email and it made us all smile. Thought you might enjoy reading this submission to ABC World News for their “Made in America” series.


We wanted you to know we sent this to ABC World News. Hope to see you on air! Sending waves of support from Key West, Deborah and Tim



Too often a person goes on their way never really knowing the extent of their contribution to the world.

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New Showroom, New Designs and New Colors!

July 13, 2011

Image of Carruth Studio showroom at AmericasMart Atlanta-2

Our new showroom at AmericasMart Atlanta

Deb and I are in Atlanta right now starting the first day of the AmericasMart International Gift & Home Furnishings Market. We exhibit Carruth designs at AmericasMart during their trade shows and then have our showroom open year round here in Atlanta. The Carruth product line is sold by retail vendors across the United States and Canada and we are always eager to meet new vendors and to hear the feedback they offer.

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History of Motorcycles

June 07, 2011

History of Motorcycles by George Carruth

I’ve been an avid motorcyclist since age 15, and currently own a gnarly Buell and refined BMW motorcycle.

As you know, these are complete opposites. Since every rider is in love with his or her particular motorcycle, there tends to be quite a rivalry between people with cruisers, crotch rockets, tourers, off road and everything in between. Throw in country or origin or manufacturer and there will be many emotional opinions about who makes the best bikes.

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The Tommy Tucker Veterans Memorial

May 27, 2011

Tommy Tucker Veteran's Memorial clay-boots

Close up of the sculpted clay boots

With Memorial Day only days away I thought I would share the story and images of the Tommy Tucker Veterans Memorial.

Our daughter Libby Krock worked as assistant sculptor to the artist, Rip Caswell, in the creation of the Tommy Tucker Veterans Memorial.  The piece was sculpted in clay and cast in bronze.  As Libby tells it, the inspiration for the piece was U.S. Army Pfc. Thomas “Tommy” Tucker, from Madras, Oregon.

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Your Feedback Inspires Us

May 12, 2011


One of the things that inspires our work at Carruth Studio is the feedback you provide; the stories, the pictures and the suggestions we get from all of you. Last year, a little girl’s comment about the moon inspired me to sculpt “A Child’s View of the Moon”, which has become one of my favorite pieces.

Earlier in the month I asked you to post your stories about Mother’s Day on our Facebook page and we enjoyed reading each of them. I have shared a few of those stories below. We were so moved by Wendy Weldon’s story about holding her daughter on Mother’s Day, that we have chosen her as the recipient of a $30 gift certificate for a Carruth piece.

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Bereavement and Gifts

May 05, 2011

garden art sculpture cherish little blessings by george carruth carruthstudioAs Mother’s Day approaches I find myself thinking of the many people whose loved ones have passed away. Bereavement can be hard to talk about and especially painful during holidays. My mother is no longer with us and and we miss her terribly. I think of her often and imagine her reaction to the new designs and new colors we’re introducing now.

Over the years my work has been used to commemorate and pay tribute. Every day, at Carruth Studio and at our store, Garden Smiles, we help our customers choose designs that will be given as sympathy gifts. Some are used at the grave site, some are added to floral arrangements and some are just given, with love.

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In Celebration of Mother’s Day

April 20, 2011

Mother’s Day is in the wind. The day when families everywhere take their mothers to brunch to remind them of how special they are, offering gifts of baby handprints and homemade cards from school where the alphabet has been practiced and sweet little drawings of the family appear made in crayola by little hands.

In our case Mother’s Day spans three generations honoring both the living and the dead. It is a time to honor Deb’s Mom, who at 89 continues to embrace life with vigor and joy, and a time to honor George’s Mom who is no longer with us but whom we adore and miss dearly. Deb who mothered three beautiful children and our daughter Libby who is a magnificent mother to our beautiful grandson.

We wish you all a wonderful Mother’s Day everyday!

I put together this short video showcasing a few of the designs I think make special Mother’s day gifts.

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Thoughts Inspired by Spring

March 28, 2011


"Earl E. Bird"

Since spring is, finally, here I’m getting out and walking around the neighborhood. Every now and then I’ll spot a Carruth sculpture peeking out from someone’s flower bed. I do mean peeking. Often it is barely visible under a pile of matted down leaves from last autumn.

While passing by, I can’t help but wonder if the home owner remembers placing the stone there, or will re-discover it when raking and tidying up the yard.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I’m also aware of the vibrant chatter coming from all the birds. Although we hear them all winter, you can almost feel a different level of excitement with the warmer air and radiant sunshine.

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Buying American Made Matters.

March 13, 2011

Anyone see the ”Made in America” feature on ABC? The story described how almost everything for sale in the Washington D.C. National Gift Shops was made in China, Mexico or some other foreign country.

This included the Smithsonian, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial etc. They gave the impression that selling American made products were impractical, too costly or unobtainable.

The announcer then went across town and visited a craft gallery called Appalachian Spring, who sells ONLY American made products. At that point, they discussed how American jobs could be created by simply including domestic products in just the Smithsonian gift shops alone ( which sold $44 million last year). Little things add up very

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Finding Inspiration Right Outside My Window

February 28, 2011


Inspiration for new designs seem to come when you least expect them. Friends share their ideas, time is spent browsing art and sculpture on the computer and I explore galleries and museums.

While Deb and I were in New York city exhibiting at the International Gift Show last month, we saw an incredible variety of designs from around the world. After being surrounded by all of this art for a week, I couldn’t wait to start sketching on the flight home.

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A Valentine For My Wife Deb

February 14, 2011


Deb and I at an outdoor art show in 1983

This Valentine’s Day, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have married my wife Deb. Besides being a wonderful wife and mother to our three children, she has gone the extra mile over and over again with her involvement at Carruth Studio. 25 years ago she gave up her career as an occupational therapist, to help me try my hand at sculpting full time.

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Our Gordy Groundhog Couldn’t See His Shadow…

February 02, 2011

alt tex for image Gordy-groundhog-by-george-carruth

Happy Groundhog Day to everyone! According to the news, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning and we will have an early Spring. I write this from snowy New York City, where Deb and I have been participating in a trade show for the gift industry. We see no sign of early Spring here in NYC, and the news from Ohio sounds wintery too. It doesn’t happen often, but Carruth Studio is closed today as Waterville digs out from last night’s storm.

Our own Gordy Groundhog did his best, but there was no sun to be seen until well after Noon, and that for only a short time. Looks like more winter for us. Poor Gordy Groundhog is hunkering down with the rest of Northwest Ohio and dreaming of Spring warmth and flowers. Gordy is not alone, according to Wikipedia, 6 of 15 groundhogs polled today, predict a longer winter. Of course, the other groundhogs disagree and are predicting an early Spring.

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My Special Valentines

January 28, 2011


For Valentine’s Day this year, I wanted something special. Something different and something lasting. We have several designs that are popular as Valentine’s Day gifts already but I wanted to offer something new.

So with a little red paint, and a lot of patience, I painted, signed, and numbered 50 of two of my favorite sculptures, “Froggy Dreams“, and the “Love Mini Stone“. What a difference a splash of color can make!

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The Influence of Stone Carvings in Cemeteries

January 21, 2011


I like to visit cemeteries every now and then. In the early years, when I only did one-of-a-kind carvings from rough quarry stones, I studied the wonderful stone carvings in cemeteries. Here you could find everything from grand monuments to modest little family plots. My favorite cemetery is near Bedford, Indiana. This is the home of Indiana limestone. Near the turn of the century, Indiana limestone was an extremely popular building material. It was used extensively on churches and government buildings.

Any time you see a soft colored gray stone on a building, especially if it has lettering carved into it, there is a good chance it came from Bedford. What makes the little Bedford cemetery special is that it is the final resting place for many of the stone carvers and their families. Many were immigrants that had come from Europe. These were tough people, working in tough times, with little or no extra money. When a carver or family member passed, a friend or relative probably carved the headstone. As a result, there are highly personalized headstones that range from a full size carver’s bench, complete with tools and half-finished stone, to delicate angel images on the graves of young children.

life-filled-with-love-by-george-carruthDuring that period of my career, I was honored to carve several headstones for families that were familiar with my work. After that experience, I study headstones more closely and appreciate the thought and emotion that goes into designing and carving these incredible objects. Every detail must be perfect.

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Help Me Name This Design?

January 18, 2011

I just shot a short video with a few additional thoughts about this new design. I appreciate the comments and ideas the previous post has generated.

View Video

I’m still looking for the perfect name for this new design though. Want to help me? Post your suggestions here as comments or on our Facebook wall. Thanks!

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For The Love Of Morning Coffee!

January 15, 2011

New-design-by-george-carruthcarruth-studio-CoffeeCOFFEE, gotta have it, can’t start the day without it! Are you, like me, a non-morning person? Then you know coffee is the one major food group that allows us to function before 10:00 am.

My current sculpture reflects this influence. I have depicted a loving, cheerful couple…well, that’s how they will appear, after their morning coffee. For the moment, they are still waiting for their coffee to brew. Not much conversation while they wait.

Until they have their coffee not even a smile is possible. Thank goodness their pets are available to lighten the mood until that coffee is ready. You can see that each of the pets has an expression reflecting their basic personality. The dog is absurdly cheerful and energetic, the bird seems to be considering his next comment, and the cat is patiently waiting to see if anyone spills the cream. If you look closely, you can see the texture in the coffee cup itself.

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Waving Goodbye to 2010

December 30, 2010

Another year has come and gone at the studio.  It has been a full and rewarding year with wonderful experiences and new directions. We will wave goodbye to 2010 and get ready to meet 2011.

Some of the new directions for 2010 included the History of Motorcycles # 1183 and A Child’s View of the Moon # 1186.

On the motorcycle piece I tried to capture the raw thrill of motorcycles by creating a dust cloud and executing a looser ”sketchy” surface technique. By adding more texture and not defining every detail, the essence of the scene feels stronger.

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Another year has come and gone at our little company…

December 23, 2010

carruth-christmas-decorationAs Christmas and the end of the year approach I find myself thinking about both. One aspect of the holidays I particularly enjoy is rediscovering decorations that have been packed away all year. Specifically the hand made ornaments and drawings our children have gifted us over the years. I love sitting and reminiscing, while surrounded by hand made decorations that say ” to Mom and Dad”.

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The Things People Tell Me…

December 13, 2010


Alder-Elder-by-george-carruth-and-alder-alter-egoStories, stories. People love to tell me the story of why they are purchasing a particular sculpture as I sign the back. You may have seen the image, sent to our Facebook page, of my leaf face sculpture that looked remarkably like someone’s father. I’ve heard quite a few ” look alike ” stories over the years.

Several years ago a sweet little elderly lady asked me to sign her two hanging plaque purchases. One was the “Too Much Fun“, the other was “Garden Grouch“.

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A Child’s View Of The Moon

December 07, 2010


People always ask me where I find inspiration for my work. Well, I’ve always been daydreaming when I should be paying attention. As a result, I’m constantly aware of my surroundings: Sounds, textures, people. So when it comes time to sketch out an idea, I have huge amounts of unrelated images floating around in my imagination. Usually I’m drawn to a texture or shape that seems interesting. Sometimes it’s a scene or emotion. Anyway, something always bubbles to the surface and I’m never sure what it might be.

Several months ago I read a young child’s description of the moon. According to four-year-old Megan Vollmar, “the moon is so full it must have eaten all the stars.” Megan’s comment and her perspective sparked my imagination. I was entranced with her view of the moon.

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Carruth Studio Introduces New Designs For Holiday

December 02, 2010

ShareNew designs by sculptor George Carruth include whimsical dogs, cats, polar bears, and birds as well as a new Nativity scene.

11.05.2010– Waterville, Ohio—Carruth Studio, manufacturer of hand cast stone sculptures designed by nationally renowned artist and sculptor, George Carruth, has introduced several new designs to its collection. The new designs are available on the Carruth Studio website, at their gallery and gift shop, Garden Smiles, and in retail locations throughout the country. In addition to the new sculptures and plaques, Carruth Studio is offering a porcelain Christmas ornaments based on George Carruth’s snowflake designs and a line of soy candles also based on Carruth designs.

Carruth Studio pieces are used as garden decorations; interior decorations; for architectural installations; as expressions of sympathy, as wedding decorations, as gifts for special occasions like Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, weddings and anniversaries. Carruth Studio also offers corporate gifts and fundraising programs. Many of Carruth Studio’s customers collect the whimsical sculptures and plaques and are eager to add to their collections. The new designs include:

Rock-A-Bye Bear
Christmas Kitty #5062
Christmas Puppy #5061
Diva Fairy #5064
Away in the Manger Nativity #1176
Polar Bear Family #5063
Garden Smiles Rock #111R
Halloween Pet Parade #1177
Garden Smile Mini #111M
Full Nest #355
Cherub Puppy #1175

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Renowned Sculptor George Carruth Launches Blog

December 02, 2010

ShareGeorge Carruth’s blog, “From George’s Studio”, provides a behind-the-scenes look at stone carving, sculpting, the creative process, and the business of Carruth Studio itself.

07.28.2010– Waterville, Ohio—Renowned sculptor George Carruth has launched a blog, called “From George’s Studio”, which can be found at http://georgecarruth.com. Well known for his whimsical sculptures for home and garden art, George Carruth plans to use his blog as a vehicle for sharing information about his stone carving, sculpting, and the creative process. The blog will also serve as a vehicle for introducing new designs and soliciting feedback and ideas from his customers.

“People often wonder how I come up with the ideas for my sculptures or are curious about how the pieces are made,” said George Carruth. “I look forward to using the blog as another means of communicating with people who are interested in learning more about my work.”

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An Evening at Garden Smiles Benefits The Victory Center of Toledo

December 02, 2010

The June 10th fundraising event, “An Evening at Garden Smiles”, is part of the ongoing Chicks for Charity fundraising campaign for The Victory Center.


05.26.2010 – Waterville, Ohio—Deb Carruth, owner of Carruth Studio, and artist gallery and gift shop, Garden Smiles, will host a fundraiser for the Chicks for Charity on June 10th. The fundraising event, “An Evening at Garden Smiles”, will benefit The Victory Center, northwest Ohio’s only independent, full service cancer wellness center. “I just became acquainted with the Chicks for Charity and with The Victory Center,” said Deb Carruth. “I am so impressed with the work being done by The Victory Center on behalf of cancer patients and their family members; and with the approach that the Chicks for Charity take in helping to raise money and to give back to the community. I want to help too,’ she stated.

According to Deb Carruth, the Chicks for Charity are women and girls of all ages who want to transform our community through occasional fun lunches, happy hours and special events. The Chicks focus on helping young women gain confidence in their capabilities as donors and volunteers. They want to inspire women to fulfill their philanthropic potential through donations of time, talent and money. The Chicks will be hosting their major fundraising event on July 21 at the Toledo Botanical Gardens. For more information visit the Chicks online at http://chicksforcharity.net.

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Carruth Book Donation to Claire’s Day Event Inspires “Special Adoption” Effort

December 02, 2010

Children will be asked to share ideas on how they can care for their special “If I Were A Dinosaur” book

If-I-were-a-dinosaur-by-George-Carruth-and-Libby-Carruth-Krock5-14-2010– Waterville, Ohio—This year Claire’s Day will include a special book adoption effort. Claire’s Day, held in Maumee, Ohio, is the free family book festival held annually in honor of Claire Lynsey Rubini. 100 copies of “If I Were A Dinosaur”, by George Carruth and Libby Carruth Krock, will be given away to the children. The books are new and in good condition but have covers that are slightly flawed, making them special books in search of special homes.

“If I Were A Dinosaur” tells the story of George, who, instead of paying attention in school, daydreams that he and his classmates have become dinosaurs. George enjoys his new, scary claws and razor-sharp teeth, but discovers that an attitude of “all play and no work” may be the reason that dinosaurs became extinct.

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George Carruth Schedules May 8th Artist Signing at Garden Smiles

December 02, 2010

Back by popular demand! Carruth Studio announces a second daylong artist signing on Saturday May 8th from 10-5 PM.

05.03.2010– Waterville, Ohio—Carruth Studio receives regular requests for artist signing events, which allow collectors of Carruth sculptures to have their purchases signed by renowned American sculptor, George Carruth. A recent artist signing event drew steady streams of fans, eager to visit with the artist, review the new additions to the collection, purchase gifts for Mother’s Day and have each piece individually signed by the artist himself. In response to requests from customers and fans, George Carruth has scheduled a second artist signing on Saturday, May 8th.

George Carruth’s hand-cast and hand-finished stone sculptures include inspirational, holiday, family and animal pieces as well as nature faces, fairies, gnomes and angels. The sculptures and plaques are often given as gifts for special occasions. “George and I both enjoy having the chance to meet our customers and to hear the stories about how they have used their sculptures,” said Deb Carruth, George Carruth’s wife, and owner of Garden Smiles and Carruth Studio. “Many of our customers are collectors of Carruth sculptures and they relish the opportunity to meet and speak with George in person,” she said. “Having a piece autographed by George really adds value, according to our collectors”, she added. “We’ve had so many requests for another artist signing that we added this one to the schedule at the last moment.”

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Foster Mom Chosen as Winner of Carruth Studio Mother’s Day Contest

December 02, 2010

Mother's Plaque-by-George-Carruth4-30-2010-Waterville, Ohio—Carruth Studio has announced the winner of its Mother’s Day Contest: a foster mother whose sister entered the contest on her behalf. “We asked the entrants to tell us why they thought their special mom should win the contest and were so touched by the loving stories we received,” said Deb Carruth. “It was difficult to choose a winner because each of the entrants were obviously well-loved and deserving. However, we believe that fostering is such an important contribution that we chose Barbara’s sister.” According to Deb Carruth, Barbara hopes to surprise her sister with the piece “Mother’s Plaque” on Mother’s Day. The prize will be personalized and signed by sculptor, George Carruth.

The winning Mother’s Day Contest entry reads:

I would give the Mother’s Plaque to my sister. She is a mom of a 13-year-old boy and the foster mom of a 2-year-old boy she is currently trying to adopt. She has fostered 5 children over the past 3 years and has been the temporary foster mother to several children who needed someone to take care of them briefly, during transitions. ?I admire her commitment to children and to giving them a safe home, whether it be for a few days, months, or years. It takes someone special to act as a foster parent to children who often know no parents’ love. It takes someone special to mother a child as if he is your own, only to say goodbye when it is time for him to return to his biological family. ?I am proud of my sister’s efforts to help children who need a mother’s love, security, and encouragement to follow their dreams.

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