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August 19, 2013


“Bunches of Fun” by George Carruth

Deb and I treasure the stories people send us about how they use their Carruth pieces.

We take great pleasure in hearing how these hand-crafted stone sculptures, based on my original designs, are given as gifts for special occasions, and used as home or garden decorations.

Earlier today, Teena Madsen sent us this wonderful story of how she looked for my work for some years before finding it, and us, again.

We appreciate both the story and the sentiment behind it.

Thank you Teena.

“In 2008, I purchased from a gift store in Traverse City, Michigan, a sculpture of carrots called “Bunches of Fun“.  It had no identifying marks on the back, so over the years I tried to see if I could find anything like it online, with no success.

My husband and I found ourselves going through Traverse City again in July, so I took a picture of my “Bunches of Fun”.  When we got to Traverse City, I went into numerous gift shops asking if anyone recognized them.  Someone said that they may have been sold in a gift shop that closed in the fall, so now I found myself with no further leads as to where I was going to get another sculpture from the same artist.



“Bob White” by George Carruth

We found ourselves going through a town called Two Harbours, Minnesota a few days later and stopped to browse some gift shops.  In a shop I found a sculpture called Bob White and recognized the face immediately.  I took a picture of the bird and of the card that said George Carruth, American Sculpture.  I still didn’t know if this was just another wild goose chase, but had to find out.  It wasn’t until a week later that I was able to search the name and found this website. I was so excited to have finally found your website.  I have had so many compliments on the “Bunches of Fun” that I’ve wanted to add to it with more veggies.

It took me five years to finally find you George Carruth, but at least I now know where to find more of your fabulous works of art. Thank you. ”



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