Carruth Book Donation to Claire’s Day Event Inspires “Special Adoption” Effort

December 02, 2010

Children will be asked to share ideas on how they can care for their special “If I Were A Dinosaur” book

If-I-were-a-dinosaur-by-George-Carruth-and-Libby-Carruth-Krock5-14-2010– Waterville, Ohio—This year Claire’s Day will include a special book adoption effort. Claire’s Day, held in Maumee, Ohio, is the free family book festival held annually in honor of Claire Lynsey Rubini. 100 copies of “If I Were A Dinosaur”, by George Carruth and Libby Carruth Krock, will be given away to the children. The books are new and in good condition but have covers that are slightly flawed, making them special books in search of special homes.

“If I Were A Dinosaur” tells the story of George, who, instead of paying attention in school, daydreams that he and his classmates have become dinosaurs. George enjoys his new, scary claws and razor-sharp teeth, but discovers that an attitude of “all play and no work” may be the reason that dinosaurs became extinct.

“If I Were A Dinosaur” is written by George Carruth, a nationally recognized sculptor and experienced daydreamer. His ever-present imagination has inspired hundreds of designs that continue to be collected worldwide. Libby Carruth Krock, a painter and illustrator illustrates the book, adding her own colorful interpretation to her father’s story.

“These are beautiful books,” said Julie Rubini, Claire’s Day founder and mother of Claire Lynsey Rubini. “They are new and in good condition although some of them have minor flaws in their covers, which makes them special.” According to Julie Rubini, the books will be “adopted” into special families. The children will be offered suggestions about how to take good care of their books by reading them and spending time with them every day. Each child will be asked for their ideas about taking care of the book they are adopting.

As staunch supporters of Claire’s Day from its inception, George and Deborah Carruth have worked with Julie and Brad Rubini each year. The Rubinis give their board members Carruth sculptures as thank you gifts for their volunteer efforts on behalf of Claire’s Day. “Brad and I enjoy giving the Carruth sculptures to our board members,” said Julie Rubini. “This year are delighted to be able to offer these beautiful books to the children who attend this year’s event.”

Claire’s Day activities include live music, storytellers, local celebrity readers, awards for reading and other book-related hands-on activities. Claire’s Day will be held Saturday, May 15 at the Maumee Library located at 501 River Road in Maumee, Ohio. The event begins at 9:30 AM and runs until 5:00PM. For more information call 419.259.5360 or visit

About George Carruth

George Carruth is an artist who has been creating images out of limestone and clay since 1983. Educated at the Columbus School of Art and Design, his original carvings are sought out by collectors, sent as gifts for weddings, holidays, bereavement, and birthdays. You can view his collection at or by visiting the gallery and retail store, Garden Smiles, located on Mechanic Street in Waterville, Ohio.

About Carruth Studio

Carruth Studio’s hand-cast and hand-finished stone sculptures are designed by nationally renowned artist and sculptor, George Carruth. These whimsical sculptures are used as gifts, garden art, memorials, interior decorations and collectibles. Carruth sculptures also work well as fundraising incentives and the firm has a special fundraising program available. Carruth Studio is located in Waterville, Ohio and ships products throughout the United States and Canada. Carruth sculptures are also distributed in retail outlets throughout the country. For more information, visit or find Carruth Studio on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

About Garden Smiles

Carruth Studio’s gift shop and gallery, Garden Smiles, is located in Waterville, Ohio. Garden Smiles, is the brainchild of George’s wife, Deb Carruth, and is the only place where you will find the complete collection of his sculpted designs–more than 250 pieces. ??Garden Smiles is open Monday through Friday from 10-6PM EST, Saturdays from 10-5PM EST and Sundays from 12-5PM EST. For directions, visit or call 419.878.5412.???? At Garden Smiles visitors have the opportunity to see the newest designs that are not yet available anywhere else. Besides being a gallery for George’s sculptures, it’s also a place to test market new colors, mediums and ideas he may be working on. Collectors have an opportunity to take home a design or color that may never find its way into our catalog. Occasionally, he is available the day of your visit to sign your purchase.

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