Foster Mom Chosen as Winner of Carruth Studio Mother’s Day Contest

December 02, 2010

Mother's Plaque-by-George-Carruth4-30-2010-Waterville, Ohio—Carruth Studio has announced the winner of its Mother’s Day Contest: a foster mother whose sister entered the contest on her behalf. “We asked the entrants to tell us why they thought their special mom should win the contest and were so touched by the loving stories we received,” said Deb Carruth. “It was difficult to choose a winner because each of the entrants were obviously well-loved and deserving. However, we believe that fostering is such an important contribution that we chose Barbara’s sister.” According to Deb Carruth, Barbara hopes to surprise her sister with the piece “Mother’s Plaque” on Mother’s Day. The prize will be personalized and signed by sculptor, George Carruth.

The winning Mother’s Day Contest entry reads:

I would give the Mother’s Plaque to my sister. She is a mom of a 13-year-old boy and the foster mom of a 2-year-old boy she is currently trying to adopt. She has fostered 5 children over the past 3 years and has been the temporary foster mother to several children who needed someone to take care of them briefly, during transitions. ?I admire her commitment to children and to giving them a safe home, whether it be for a few days, months, or years. It takes someone special to act as a foster parent to children who often know no parents’ love. It takes someone special to mother a child as if he is your own, only to say goodbye when it is time for him to return to his biological family. ?I am proud of my sister’s efforts to help children who need a mother’s love, security, and encouragement to follow their dreams.

“Our idea in holding this contest was to make people think about the reasons we honor mothers on Mother’s Day. The people who have visited our Facebook page have commented that they’ve enjoyed reading the contest stories,” she continued. “Our sculptures make beautiful gifts for Mother’s Day and we hear over and over again how much people appreciate being able to give such unique and whimsical gifts.”

The hand-cast, and hand-finished, stone sculptures are designed by nationally renowned artist and sculptor, George Carruth.

Carruth Studio sculptures are used in garden and landscaping, interiors, as gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, weddings and anniversaries–and especially as an expression of sympathy or memorial. Visit Carruth Studio online for more information. Join Carruth Studio on Facebook or follow Carruth Studio on Twitter for updates, contests and special information.

About George Carruth
George Carruth is an artist who has been creating images out of limestone and clay since 1983. Educated at the Columbus School of Art and Design, his original carvings are sought out by collectors, sent as gifts for weddings, holidays, bereavement, and birthdays. You can view his collection at or by visiting the gallery and retail store, Garden Smiles, located on Mechanic Street in Waterville, Ohio.

About Carruth Studio
Carruth Studio’s hand cast and hand finished stone sculptures are designed by nationally renowned artist and sculptor, George Carruth. These whimsical sculptures are used as gifts, garden art, memorials, interior decorations and collectibles. Carruth sculptures also work well as fundraising incentives and the firm has a special fundraising program available. Carruth Studio is located in Waterville, Ohio and ships products throughout the United States and Canada. Carruth sculptures are also distributed in retail outlets throughout the country. For more information visit or find Carruth Studio on Facebook and Twitter.

About Garden Smiles
Carruth Studio’s gift shop and gallery, Garden Smiles, is located in Waterville, Ohio. Garden Smiles, the brainchild of George’s wife, Deb Carruth, is the only place where you will find the complete collection of his sculpted designs–more than 250 pieces—and the newest designs that are not yet available anywhere else.

Besides being a gallery for George’s sculptures, Garden Smiles is also a place to test market new colors, mediums and ideas he may be working on. Collectors have an opportunity to take home a design or color that may never find its way into our catalog. Occasionally, he is available the day of your visit to sign your purchase.

Garden Smiles is open Monday through Friday from 10-6PM EST, Saturdays from 10-5PM EST and Sundays from 12-5PM EST. For directions, visit or call 419. 878.5412.

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