Carruth Studio’s "Beautiful Gardens 2014" Winners

August 08, 2014

Here George and I sit, side by side at our dining room table with the sun shining in through the windows, promising to be a VERY hot day.  Thomas, our very small yorkie pooh sits by my side. The hydrangeas are drooping in the heat as scrub jays land on the terrace  to steal dog food for their breakfast.  Here is where we are…looking at all of these wonderful photos for the “Beautiful Garden Contest”.

As is always the case, choosing just one is simply not possible.  We have narrowed the playing field down to a mere 6 winners!

Our favorite for 2014..lovingly called our  “Favorite Fairy Garden” goes to Janet Morgan.  Thank you Janet for this great photo.  We love the moss tucked around the door and the way the cat peering out is so prevalent.  We love everything about this photo.  You are our Number One winner for $75!



Our Second Favorite Image was sent in by Jennifer Brunkus. 


"Favorite Mood Shot" Jennifer Brunkus

We call this one our “Favorite Mood Shot” as the lighting is just wonderful.  The angle of the camera, the tulips leading into the background, and the lighting and shadows are all just lovely.  


“Favorite Inspirational” Lisa David Valadez

Our “Favorite Inspirational” piece is Hope Angel with cactus sent in by Lisa David Valadez.  What a wonderful contrast.  Love her in this setting! 

I have always wanted to live in the desert, the plant life is so very interesting, all textures of sage greens.  It creates such a peacefulness.


“Favorite Retired Piece” Cheryl Levangie

Cheryl Levangie sent in Bathing Beauty, a retired piece that I happen to own as well.  She is wonderful!

“Our Favorite Interior”  was sent in by Mary Annie Zielinski.  What a great display this is, thank you.


“Favorite nteriror” Mary Annie Zielinski

Finally, our “Favorite Retailer” came from My Gift Shop whom we would also like to recognize and thank for entering. 

It is a wonderful example of how pieces can be displayed in the retail setting to help shoppers know how to use what they purchase.  Thank you so very much.


“Favorite Retailer” My Gift Store

Each of these five winners will receive a $50 Gift Certificate as a way of saying thank you for such wonderful photographs.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for sending in photos.  Our list of favorites was longer than six, but as with all contests not all entries make the winners circle. 

It was fun looking, smiling, and talking about each photo.  George reminisced about when each piece was sculpted, what he was doing at the time, and what details he liked best.  We loved

Sylvia Brunette’s photo of the chipmunk on the leaf..George loves the teeth on that particular piece.

Sylvia Brunette- honorable mention

“Honorable Mention” Sylvia Brunette

  I also loved the image of Cheesy Dreams, by Stacie Crosby, as I am such a fan of Thumbelina and this piece takes me back to my childhood and the aura of stories like that, Wind in the Willows, Peter Rabbit.  I can smell the books as I sit here writing, you know those strong childhood feelings we get sometimes, so strong that we can smell the memories.


“Honorable Mention” Stacie Crosby

  Another image that I feel strongly about is the one sent in by Dan Pollock of the hand carved stone pieces.  The bench was carved by our son, Benjamin, when he was but a teenager.  The sitting man to the left of the bench was carved by George in the 80’s.  I wish I had never let that one go, but then Dan and Lisby are near and dear to my heart so there is no better place for that piece to live then on their deck.


“Honorable Mention” Dan A. Pollock


Well, there you have it, the Winners of our 2014 Beautiful Garden Contest.  What a treat!

If you are one of our contest winners, please give us your contact information so we can send you your gift certificate as soon as possible!

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