The Things People Tell Me…

December 13, 2010


Alder-Elder-by-george-carruth-and-alder-alter-egoStories, stories. People love to tell me the story of why they are purchasing a particular sculpture as I sign the back. You may have seen the image, sent to our Facebook page, of my leaf face sculpture that looked remarkably like someone’s father. I’ve heard quite a few ” look alike ” stories over the years.

Several years ago a sweet little elderly lady asked me to sign her two hanging plaque purchases. One was the “Too Much Fun“, the other was “Garden Grouch“.


too-much-fun-by-george-carruthI commented about how opposite the two sculptures were, and asked where she intended to display them. She then leaned across the counter and said almost in a whisper, as if she was telling an important secret. ” The happy face I’ll hang on the east side of my house. The neighbor on that side is a dear and I just love her to death.”

“The grumpy face will go on the opposite side of the house, facing my other neighbor,” as she rolled her eyes.” That neighbor, well, you get the picture, I just can’t stand her.” With serious eye contact and subtle nod, she made it clear that this was our little secret. She then shuffled out of the shop with a package under each arm, ready to implement her diabolical statement.

garden-grouch-by-george-carruthSince I can’t meet everyone and hear your stories, please send us any amusing tales of receiving, giving or displaying Carruth sculptures. Oh yeah, if anyone asks about a Garden Grouch displayed on the west side of some sweet little elderly lady’s home…I’ll deny any knowledge or memory of sculpting such despicable image.

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