Bereavement and Gifts

May 05, 2011

garden art sculpture cherish little blessings by george carruth carruthstudioAs Mother’s Day approaches I find myself thinking of the many people whose loved ones have passed away. Bereavement can be hard to talk about and especially painful during holidays. My mother is no longer with us and and we miss her terribly. I think of her often and imagine her reaction to the new designs and new colors we’re introducing now.

Over the years my work has been used to commemorate and pay tribute. Every day, at Carruth Studio and at our store, Garden Smiles, we help our customers choose designs that will be given as sympathy gifts. Some are used at the grave site, some are added to floral arrangements and some are just given, with love.

I’ve come to understand that a bereavement gift can be more than a card or a floral arrangement. Some sympathy gifts are whimsical, some reflect an aspect of the loved one’s personality and some just resonate with the person who is giving the gift. It is different for each individual.

I feel very honored that someone would choose my work as a bereavement gift or memorial tribute. I hope that my designs offer comfort and perhaps even bring a smile or two.

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