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May 12, 2011


One of the things that inspires our work at Carruth Studio is the feedback you provide; the stories, the pictures and the suggestions we get from all of you. Last year, a little girl’s comment about the moon inspired me to sculpt “A Child’s View of the Moon”, which has become one of my favorite pieces.

Earlier in the month I asked you to post your stories about Mother’s Day on our Facebook page and we enjoyed reading each of them. I have shared a few of those stories below. We were so moved by Wendy Weldon’s story about holding her daughter on Mother’s Day, that we have chosen her as the recipient of a $30 gift certificate for a Carruth piece.

I’m always looking for sources of inspiration for new pieces and am particularly interested in finding new verses that resonate with you. I’m also interested in the way young children, like Megan, who provided the inspiration for the moon piece, describe the world around them. Especially their views of the natural world and family members.


Do you have any verses you’d like us to consider using? Any things your children have said that you think we would find inspiring? Post them here or on our Facebook wall and we will review them and may even decide to use them in the future.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share your Mother’s Days story. We enjoyed your contributions.

Your Thoughts on Mother’s Day:

Here is my Mother’s Day story. On April 27, 1990 I went into early labor with our daughter. She was not only 5 weeks premature, but she was also born with Spina Bifida. We had no idea what Spina Bifida was until the doctor explained she had an opening at the bottom of her spine which was allowing her spinal cord to be exposed. They took her away for care immediately after she was born. Meanwhile the pediatrician was trying to locate a Neurosurgeon in Toledo as she had to have a surgery to close her back. He later told me the nearest one was at Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

When the ambulance came to get her in the middle of the night, that’s when I got to hold her for the first time for about 5 minutes. Then she was swept away to have surgery the next day all by herself. Three days later I finally was released from the hospital and traveled to Columbus. A few days later I was told she would need another surgery for a shunt because she had hydrocephelous or water on the brain. She made it through that ok and she was finally released from the hospital on……Mother’s Day. The day I finally got to bond with and hold my baby girl in my arms at home. I always cherish that day! Wendy Weldon

Okay, here’s one on how we surprised my Mom on Mother’s Day last year. My folks live halfway across the country from us, so we planned a little surprise. On the day before Mother’s Day, we called her from my cell, told her we had plans on Sunday so were calling a day early. All the while we’re parked in her driveway, and were trying to sneak past her kitchen window without her seeing us. We rang the doorbell, and I said, “I heard your doorbell ring, go ahead and answer, we can wait.” So she opens the door and there’s my husband with a big bouquet in front of his face like a delivery guy. Then he lowers it and I pop around the corner, and I think it was the first time in my life I saw my Mom speechless. She’d had a hard past couple of years with health issues and other things, and we just wanted to give her something to put all that aside. It worked! Carolyn Dreiling Hammerschmidt

What I have become, what my daughter has become, and what her daughters are becoming, has come down from one mother to another throughout time. I’m thankful that I came from a long line of strong , loving women. Paula Schrickel Renfro

I lost my mother to Cancer after a long, hard fought battle. She showed me what a True Hero is with her grace and love of life. Mothers day has been a particularly hard holiday for me since her passing. My heart aches to feel her comforting arms around me but I thank God for blessing me with a mother so loving and kind. Don’t ever miss an opportunity to hug your momma! Paula Stapleton Gossman

As my mom progresses in age I become a mom to her. So glad she taught me well. Do blessed to have a Godly example. Becky McIlroy Brown

One of the Carruth pieces I bought for my Mom was Hope. It is such a beautiful angel piece and makes a nice piece for Mom’s or anyone to have. My Mom was the one that told me about the Roots of a Family Tree piece (the older version one) when it came out and went with me to buy it The new design of it is beautiful as well. Deb Cameron

Mothers Day makes me think of my Momma. She passed away in 2008 and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. She had Alzheimers and it was so hard to see what that terrible disease did to her. I am a Busia now, as she was to my kids and I feel she lives on through me and my children as well as her beautiful great granddaughter Emma. Mary Smigielski Toth

My mom was my best friend. I would tell her everything. She and I would laugh until we couldn’t breathe. She never said a bad word about anybody or gossiped. She read her Bible every night and helped me have a great faith in God. She was a wonderful mom. Ann Teatsorth Broughton

I don’t have a great story, but I do have many great memories and pictures from lots of mothers days gone by…and I appreciate so much that I am able to hold on to those we’ve lost with those memories and pictures! Emily Stover Barnes

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