The Tommy Tucker Veterans Memorial

May 27, 2011


Tommy Tucker Veteran's Memorial clay-boots

Close up of the sculpted clay boots

With Memorial Day only days away I thought I would share the story and images of the Tommy Tucker Veterans Memorial.

Our daughter Libby Krock worked as assistant sculptor to the artist, Rip Caswell, in the creation of the Tommy Tucker Veterans Memorial.  The piece was sculpted in clay and cast in bronze.  As Libby tells it, the inspiration for the piece was U.S. Army Pfc. Thomas “Tommy” Tucker, from Madras, Oregon.

Tommy Tucker Veteran's Memorial Front
Tucker was one of two U.S. soldiers who disappeared after an attack on a traffic control checkpoint just south of Baghdad on June 16th, 2006, launching a massive three-day search effort, and galvanizing citizens of the United States.

As described by the sculptor, Rip Caswell, The emotion-packed figure represents a U.S. soldier, reaching upward to aid an Iraqi girl – who is both fearful and hopeful at once, as she sits perched on the edge of a shelled building ledge.

The life-size bronze of this magnificent piece is installed at Friendship Park in Madras, Oregon.

Tommy Tucker Veteran's Memorial Main Back

Art has healing properties. Sculpture can bring comfort to bereaved family members and, as in the Tommy Tucker Veterans Memorial, to complete strangers as well. This piece will stand as tribute for years to come.

On Memorial day I will pause to think of the many who have died or been injured in service for our country and of the artists whose work helps us remember them.

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