New Showroom, New Designs and New Colors!

July 13, 2011

Image of Carruth Studio showroom at AmericasMart Atlanta-2

Our new showroom at AmericasMart Atlanta

Deb and I are in Atlanta right now starting the first day of the AmericasMart International Gift & Home Furnishings Market. We exhibit Carruth designs at AmericasMart during their trade shows and then have our showroom open year round here in Atlanta. The Carruth product line is sold by retail vendors across the United States and Canada and we are always eager to meet new vendors and to hear the feedback they offer.

Image of Chow Time by George Carruth #1190A

"Chow Time" shown in the new Designer White patina

We’ve been working feverishly to move to a new showroom and prepare the displays. It’s exciting because we will be introducing my newest designs as well as the four new colored patinas. Adding the new colors really changes the traditional look of the Carruth line. We’re really interested to see how the gift buyers react to the new designs and to the new colors.

Image of new colored patinas shown on Carruth designs

A table full of colors and designs

We’ve made things even more hectic as I’ve worked on the development of the new colored patinas. The process of developing the proprietary new colors has been long and arduous. It has involved many hours of testing colors and combinations of colors on different designs. Each paint shows differently at different stages of the process and it has taken quite a bit of time to find just the right look for each new patina.

It’s been a crazy and busy time for us. Introducing new designs always includes a lot of behind the scenes work for our staff at Carruth Studio. They do an excellent job and we’re proud of them. 

I’ve been wanting to add new colors for some time now. In the past we had to rely on directional lighting to help make the details stand out on each piece. Now, with the new finishes, the sculptures seem to come to life–in any environment. People are amazed to discover all of the tiny details I include in each piece. The new colors include “Aged Stone”, which is not too dissimilar from the traditional wash we have used on my work, but really enhances the look and gives each piece more depth and character.

Image of Silent Night Nativity by George Carruth #5065A

"Silent Night Nativity" shown in new "Designer White" patina

“Designer White” was developed to fit in with the contemporary high design world. We’ve learned that so many of our customers purchase Carruth designs for use in interior decorating that we wanted to develop something that would contrast well with different wall colors and really stand out in interior settings. “Terra Cotta” and “Green” each add a subtle warmth to the designs and will work well both inside the home and outside in the garden.

Back home the “Beautiful Gardens 2011” contest is taking place. We’ve asked customers and Facebook fans to share their photos of their beautiful gardens decorated with Carruth sculptures. We’re really pleased with the range of pictures coming in. Every day we receive email and Facebook posts with pictures from gardens all over the country.

Image of Drinking the Rain by George Carruth from Teresa Monares garden

"Drinking the Rain" from Teresa Monares' garden

Each gardener has a different approach to decorating their gardens and we all enjoy seeing Carruth sculptures in different settings. Today someone posted a photo of their water garden with some of the sculpture appearing to float above the water (using a garden stake to insert the piece in the water garden itself). If you haven’t thought about using garden stakes to mount your sculptures, that picture will give you some ideas.


We hope you’re enjoying your summer and finding plenty of time to rest and relax as the days unfold. Deb and I are about to greet our first customers of the day right now, so I’ll sign off and get to work meeting and greeting the visitors to the show. Wish us well…we can’t wait to hear the feedback.

image of Too Much Fun by George Carruth from Maria Hubbards garden

"Too Much Fun" from Maria Hubbard's garden

By the way, the prize for the “Beautiful Gardens 2011” contest is a $150 gift certificate for Carruth products. We’ll be choosing a winner on July 22nd so you don’t have too much time left. Post your photos directly on our Facebook wall or email them to us at We look forward to seeing what you’ve done with your garden!

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