A Story For ABC World News "Made in America" Series

July 21, 2011

This arrived by email and it made us all smile. Thought you might enjoy reading this submission to ABC World News for their “Made in America” series.


We wanted you to know we sent this to ABC World News. Hope to see you on air! Sending waves of support from Key West, Deborah and Tim



Too often a person goes on their way never really knowing the extent of their contribution to the world.

Today, I am compelled to submit this testimonial in honour of George Carruth, an American-made sculptor who brings joy, understanding and renewal to people he’s never even met. How do I know this?  Because Tim and I are two of those people.

We live in Key West, Florida and American-made Egbert has changed our lives.

Growing up as kids we recited, “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.  Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.  All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

For the last few years, these words haunted Tim.  At 57, his career in the commercial real estate industry was in jeopardy.  The Florida market had fallen off its proverbial wall and lay shattered in a thousand pieces.  People were deeply frightened which perpetuated paralysis.  Florida banks were ice cubes melting into oblivion.

Yet, Tim did not give up.  Every day he took one step forward and then another.  He was determined to survive the nation’s financial crisis but, sometimes, I would hear him say, “I feel like Humpty Dumpty.”

One afternoon I discovered George Carruth’s online store: www.gardensmiles.com.  His art made me smile – spontaneously and wide!  I felt delight, happiness and joy.  George’s pieces captured the imagination and moved my thoughts away from negativity and fear.  As I scrolled through the many choices, I discovered Egbert.  There was Tim’s Humpty Dumpty!  Yet, he was not broken.  In fact, George Carruth’s Egbert H. Dumpty had the most amazing facial expression of happiness, hope and victory.  I thought, If Egbert can lift my spirits, I know he will do the same for Tim.

The day Egbert arrived was a particularly discouraging day in the office.  Two deals, requiring months of work, disintegrated.  The bank called to say a client’s check had bounced.  A computer crashed.  All in all, it was the kind of afternoon you wonder if the Universe is conspiring against you.

When the beautiful box from Carruth Studio arrived, I knocked on Tim’s office door.  He said, “Come in.”  I walked in to find a guy who looked like his dog had just died.  Let me explain: Almost nothing ever gets Tim down.  image-of-Tim-and-his -'57-ChevyHe is an authentic optimist with a passion for life. He takes nothing for granted. Tim is known for saying, “I love life and life loves me.  Smile because you can!”  On this afternoon, the business challenges had taken a white-shark bite out of his heart.  He looked defeated.

Without a word, I put the box on his desk and said, “It’s important you open this.  NOW.”  Tim took a deep, rather skeptical, breath and opened the package.  Egbert appeared.  Tim looked at him, long and hard.  Then, very precisely and gently, he set Egbert directly in front of him and whispered, “Humpty No More.”  Then, Tim looked at me with a passionate fire in his eyes and said, “HUMPTY NO MORE! Thank you for this gift.”

George Carruth’s little Egbert is a powerful talisman, representing an energetic motivational force.  Now, everyone in the office has fallen for Egbert.   We hear him speak in Winston Churchill’s voice, “Never. Never. Never give up!  HUMPTY NO MORE!”

Sculptor George Carruth, his muse Deborah and their American-made sculptures continue to change lives!

Imagination, inspiration, passion and dedication are infused into every piece. We have just ordered more Egberts and we’re going to ask Carruth Studio if it’s possible to reduce the size so we can put Egbert on our key rings and carry him with us for support, wherever we may go!

ABC World News, don’t be a HUMPTY.  Profile George and Deborah Carruth on your show.

Respectfully submitted,

Royce Addington

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