Carruth Fundraising Program Helps You Raise Money Easily

August 29, 2011



Autumn is approaching and as kids are heading back to school, parents all over the country are facing the prospect of school and organization fundraisers. Whether you’re someone whose child has brought home the request for help or someone who has bravely taken on the role of raising money for your group, it can feel overwhelming.

I’m mentioning all of this because I’m not sure you know that Carruth Studio has a fundraising program that can help you raise money easily. Our program provides a fundraiser catalog with 42 different Carruth designs, with pricing starting at just $15.95. Our products are completely weatherproof, have a 100% lifetime guarantee and are made in the USA. They are also gift boxed in beautiful eco-friendly packaging.


Carruth Studio's Eco Friendly Gift Packaging

What people tell us they love about the program is that they are able to raise a lot of money and the program makes it easy to do. They find that people enjoy having a chance to help support an organization and purchase a beautiful, quality item at the same time. With our fundraising program your organization can enjoy an immediate 40% profit, which can make a huge difference to its bottom line. See what Sandy Spang, of Toledo, Ohio, says about her experiences with the fundraising program in this short video below.


We started this program years ago when a school in Columbus, Ohio approached us with a request for a fundraiser. Their interest was the spark and the first go round with the concept.  It seemed to be a natural idea as our designs provide a higher return for the fundraiser and a great product, as opposed to the usual candy and pizzas. We all win, the fundraiser is not only raising funds, but also supporting and contributing to the strength of a company that manufactures and markets original designs that are made in the United States.

Today the program helps groups raise money all over the country and we’re so pleased that people enjoy it and find it so valuable. If you’d like more information about the fundraising program visit our website or call Lynda at 800-225-1178, ext. 22.

And special thanks to Sandy Spang for taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk about her experiences. We really appreciate it!

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