Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2012

hand cast in stone from George Carruth

A Special Limited Edition hand painted by George Carruth


It is amazing how color can transform an image.  Just for fun on Valentine’s Day, I brushed a splash of red paint on two of our smaller plaques.   By simply painting a couple of flowers red, the little animal images transition from cute to romantic.  That one drop of bright red paint connecting it to Valentine’s Day, has given the tiny sculptures a whole new energy.   Before, they were simply cute little creatures with human traits, sort of like dressing up the dog or cat for Halloween.  But now, with that tiny splash of color and a Valentine’s Day connection, these furry little creatures take on imaginative personalities with busy little romantic lives.
This reminds me of how children use color instinctively.  They’ll draw a house, stick figure family members, pets and trees but always add a big splash of yellow at the top.   Painting a big yellow sun up above is their way of telling us the family was happy on that particular day.

Limited Edition Handpainted by George for Valentine's Day


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