Introducing New Original Designs

October 03, 2013

Back in August, I asked for your help in deciding which original design I should work on next. I appreciated your many comments as well as the ideas and feedback you offered. Deb and I always enjoy hearing from you and we pay close attention to what you say.

As it turned out, I focused my sculpting on the little girl in the rowboat filled with puppies. I’m really pleased with how she has turned out and so, I’d like to introduce “Ruff Seas” to you.

Ruff Seas featuring girl on a rowboat filled with puppies

“Ruff Seas” is still so new, it isn’t up on the website yet. But it will be soon and we’ll make sure to tell you as soon as it is available.

And speaking of new designs, we have some others to share with you.






We have the little boy angel, named “Innocence” and his counterpart, a little girl angel named “Serenity”. Earlier in the year, we asked for your suggestions for the names for both of these sweet little angels.


You may have seen “Miss Carmen Artichoke”, the newest member of our vegetable family. Many of you will have already figured out that she is inspired by the late, great Carmen Miranda.


 "Love Ewe"

We’ve added some new animals to the family too. “Love Ewe”,“Pug in the Posies” and “Feline in the Flowers” each offer a whimsical touch for animals lovers everywhere.


"Feline in the Flowers"


 "Pug in the Posies"

I had a lot of fun sculpting a fairy door this summer. “Knock, Knock” has been well received among people who build Fairy Gardens. We look forward to getting it up on the website for you very soon.


"Knock Knock" Fairy Door


We have some new holiday surprises, too. But I’ll hold off describing those for another day. Keep checking back to see what we're up to next. (We're always working on something!)

All in all, it’s been a busy year so far and we are, as always, grateful for your support, your enthusiasm and your ideas and comments.

Keep ‘em coming--and thank you.


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