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Weddings & Anniversary

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Roots of Love
Price: $42.00
A beautiful way to remember anniversaries and other special moments in time. A perfect wedding gift to hang outdoors in the flower bed, or indoors on a sun room wall. Two hearts and a family tree are sculpted along with a verse that says it all.

Verse reads: "The Roots of a Family Tree begin with the Love of Two Hearts"
Our Nest
Price: $32.00
This is a wonderful house warming gift. Every home should be blessed, and this plaque makes it a reality. Whether you purchase this sculpture for your own home or give it as a gift, the inspirational message is there as a reminder for all to see.

Verse reads: "May Our Nest always be Blessed"
Roots of Love
Price: $42.00
This plaque incorporates a beautiful Celtic feel with a simple expression of love and family. A classic piece for many occasions; weddings, anniversaries, encompasses every family celebration.

Verse reads: "The Roots of a Family Tree begin with the Love of Two Hearts"
Celtic Love Stone
Price: $27.00
This is an inspirational sculpture with a timeless look and message. By using Celtic knot patterns and a rough stone finish, it almost feels like a family heirloom. Small enough to display on a desk or windowsill, or hang as a wall plaque, the timeless message of love is always close at hand. This would make a wonderful thank you gift.

Verse reads: "A life filled with Love is a life well lived"
Cherish the Moments
Price: $38.00
Using a daisy as an accent, this plaque reminds us to slow down and appreciate each individual moment in life. A perfect retirement gift or baby shower gift.

Verse reads: "Happiness is measured in the Cherished Moments of Life"
Embrace the Day
Price: $38.00
Let this butterfly take your thoughts to a peaceful place. If you believe in something with all your heart, dreams can come true. An inspirational gift to display indoors or out. Hang near a doorway to lift your spirits as you come and go.

Verse reads: "Believe in the Promise of this day"

Full Nest
Price: $39.97
A pretty little statue of a mother bird protectively hovering over her two children. This piece is perfect for a mother's gift or for a favorite grandmother.
Sunlight & Moonbeams
Price: $42.00
Used as a wedding gift or anniversary gift, the sun and moon say it all. An inspirational plaque for newlyweds, and fond memories for those who have spent a lifetime together. Hang in the flower garden or display indoors.

Verse reads: "Marriage is a Stroll in the Sunlight...Then dancing on Moonbeams"
Spring Quartet
Price: $38.00
Flowers that last forever!

A fresh bouquet to welcome spring in this decorative hanging flower sculpture. What a gift for the gardener, especially those gardeners who spend time talking to their blossoms. Flowers truly do have colorful personalities.

Home Mini
Price: $24.90
An attractive accent and reminder of how we truly love our '' home sweet home''. Display on a window sill or counter. and imagine how cozy a nest would feel. It will turn your house into a home. It can also be used as a house warming gift.
Bramble Bunnies
Price: $36.00
Inspiration for this Bramble Bunny plaque was shape. I wanted an extreme horizontal shape that would be the perfect accent for a specific architectural area. Now, a scene to compliment the shape was needed. So the long hedgerows in England became the inspiration. These hedgerows are the perfect home and hiding place for generation upon generation of English bunnies. What scene could possibly fit better than these soft cuddly rabbits grazing deep within the safety of the scratchy bramble hedgerows? So take a look in your own back yard, there may be a bunny or two nibbling peacefully under the safety of your shrubs and bushes. Should you discover an area around the house that could use a delightful horizontal sculpture, think Bramble Bunnies.
Thank You Mini
Price: $21.00
This little piece was created for the times when you want to say thank you, but a card is not enough. More permanent than a card, this "Thank You" sculpture can be displayed on a desktop, windowsill, or garden area. The rough stone texture gives this little plaque a timeless classic feel. So go ahead, send someone in your life a little "Thank You" stone. They will enjoy it for years to come.

Verse reads: "Thank You for all that you do"
Nice to be Kneaded
Price: $35.00
Everyone wants to feel needed, or shall we say "kneaded". A fun kitchen companion while kneading and baking bread. A smiling face to keep you company during the construction of a specialty sandwich. From professional bakers to school lunch sandwich makers, this culinary character will make everything taste better.
Berrybirds Engravable
Price: $79.95
Guide your bird watching friends right to your doorstep. Our address plaque has two birds gathering the last few berries of autumn. It also makes a great gift.

Lead time 2-3 weeks.
Thinking of You
Price: $24.00
This sweet little plaque with its spring daffodils is the perfect gift for sympathy, birthdays, or just that far-away recipient who needs the reminder that we're always "Thinking of You".

Verse Reads: "Thinking of You"
Live Fully
Price: $38.00
A lovely tulip accompanies a meaningful verse. Use it as a thank you gift or just a reminder to live life fully. It can also be used as a house warming gift or retirement gift.

Verse reads: "Love Generously Give Beautifully Live Fully"
Anniversary Tree Engravable
Price: $79.95
Just like your childhood days, let the etched trunk of this gorgeous old tree announce your love to the world. This personalized sculpture is a fun and touching gift, perfect for any wedding or anniversary. (Note: Lead time for personalized items is 2-3 weeks)

Baby Birds Engravable
Price: $79.95
I have this at the end of my own driveway. Our address plaque is a beautiful way to help visitors find your home. It also makes a thoughtful house warming gift.

Kittens Engravable
Price: $79.95

** Hurry, only 2 remain **

This must be a fun home if these kittens live here. Guide friends and cat lovers to your home with this whimsical kitten address plaque. Even the little mouse peering over the top is having a good time.

A Blissful Home
Price: $32.00
It's all about the family. The verse on this sculpted plaque reminds us that family is the most important part of our lives. A rough stone finish gives it an old timeless appearance. The cute little bird nest is a symbol for the family unit. This plaque makes a thoughtful gift.

Verse reads: "Happiness is a Loving, Caring, Close-knit Family"
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