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Veggie Series

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Sweet Pea Sextuplets
Price: $34.00
Crying babies, sleepy babies, curious babies all cuddle close in their cozy pea pod bed. A perfect baby shower gift or decoration for the new baby's room. Maybe even a first birthday gift.
Sour Grapes
Price: $34.00
Not all grapes are created equal. This group has a few sour attitudes to deal with. My advice is to hang this sculpture in the backyard or kitchen, and stop "whining".
Brad & Cherrie Pit
Price: $33.00
Life truly is just a bowl of cherries! Cherry festivals, cherry pie, Cherries Jubilee! With Mr. and Mrs. Pit, every day is a treat!
Pickled Asparagus
Price: $43.00
These asparagus know how to party. What kitchen is complete without this lively bunch? This sculpted trio will add personality and laughter to every cook out and barbecue. Hang on a kitchen wall as a reminder of parties past and future. Give as a gift and turn any garden into a garden party.
Razz-berries Plaque
Price: $34.00
When you think of raspberries, what comes to mind? A tasty treat, or fruit with an attitude? This piece of garden art is all attitude! A delightful gift for someone who enjoys making their own jam and jellies. No garden or vegetable patch should be without it. Raspberries will never have more health benefits than the laughter produced by this ''produce''.
Aw Shucks
Price: $39.00
Some sculptures are cornier than others. After many requests for more Veggies, this fellow evolved. The shape reads well up close or from a distance. So place him in the kitchen or out on a fence. He's bound to attract attention. Whether you are a cook or a gardener, you gotta love the hair!
Rowdy Red Radishes
Price: $33.00
Yikes, how can a salad be boring with these radishes? Laughter is the spice of life, but this is spicing things up a bit much. Hang in the kitchen, deck or garden to add flavor and personality. Radishes really are good for you. Give as a gift to your favorite vegetarian.
A Fun-gal
Price: $25.00
Since mushrooms fall into the category of fungi, I couldn't resist making a fun-gi and fun-gal mushroom plaque. Anyone who loves cooking would be proud to display this hip little gal somewhere in the kitchen. What a fun surprise gift she would make!
A Fun-gi
Price: $25.00
Fungi or fun guy? Either way, this mushroom plaque is a great character. Put a smile on someone's face, surprise them with A Fun-gi. For the cook who has everything, this is a great addition to the kitchen.
Move Over, Peas
Price: $34.00
The ultimate piece of garden art! A pea pod packed with personality. Every cook should have one hanging in the kitchen. Every gardener should have one in the vegetable patch. What a fun gift for cooks and gardeners. You can't help but smile back at this delightful vegetable sculpture.
Academic Apple
Price: $33.00
Put a smile on your favorite teacher's face, or hang in the kitchen to inspire your inner pie baker. This beaming apple is a perfect accent for your home or garden, and can be displayed indoors or out.
Bunches of Fun
Price: $42.00
These loving carrots will make any kitchen or vegetable patch come to life. They make a fun gift for someone who loves to cook or garden. Truly a sculpture with good taste. This plaque also makes a sweet, but silly anniversary gift.
Bunny Bait
Price: $39.90
Sure to spread his grin to even the most serious of guests, this toothy carrot is a must for any chef, gardener, or vegetable connoisseur. He'll cheerfully accent a narrow kitchen wall, or tempt horses and bunnies alike while hanging from a nearby fence post.
Chef Stinks-a-Lot
Price: $30.00
Next in the Veggie Series, our Chef Stinks-A-Lot sure is a garlicky chef! Armed with his clothespin to keep away his "stink", he's perfect for your kitchen, or as a gift for a friend's veggie collection!
Miss Carmen Artichoke
Price: $38.00
Look at Miss Carmen! The newest design in our Veggie Series, she's ready to liven things up in your kitchen or vegetable garden! Ay Carrumba!
Nice to be Kneaded
Price: $35.00
Everyone wants to feel needed, or shall we say "kneaded". A fun kitchen companion while kneading and baking bread. A smiling face to keep you company during the construction of a specialty sandwich. From professional bakers to school lunch sandwich makers, this culinary character will make everything taste better.
Ornery Onion
Price: $33.00
His grouchy frown is likely to spark giggles, but don't let this onion catch you laughing at him, it will surely aggravate him further. Hang this expressive sculpture on a stake amongst your vegetables, in the kitchen, or give as a fun gift.
Peary Winkle
Price: $35.00
With a grin this toothy, who can resist smiling back? This jolly pear sculpture adds some humor to any kitchen or garden. His stony finish looks great both indoors and out, and he's a fun gift to give.
Rutabaga Mama
Price: $34.00
Not even picky kids can resist a rutabaga when it has a face like this. Her friendly smile and little lady bug will have your family craving more veggies. Hang this sculpture in the kitchen, dining room, or vegetable garden, or give Big Mama as a gift.
Veggie Set (#1034A, 1033A, & 1036A)
Regular Price: $111.00
Special Price: $85.00
These crazy veggies are a hysterical addition to any home, kitchen, or deck. Our Pickled Asparagus, Peas, and Raspberries are not your typical garden variety sculptures. Imagine a friend or relative receiving this trio as a gift. You'll be sure to get a phone call asking where these silly creations came from. Hey, we all need our vegetables.

Collection includes:
#1034A - Move Over, Peas
#1033A - Pickled Asparagus
#1036A - Razz-berries
These can be purchased individually.
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