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Pet Memorial Designs

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Celtic Pet Memorial Engraved
Price: $82.00
Commemorate your pet with a personalized gravestone. Let this handsome sculpture inspire cherished memories and honor your loving pet for years to come.

Cherub Puppy
Price: $38.00
Inspiration for this puppy comes from small ornamental accents carved in stone, usually on window and door arches of older buildings. I wanted a traditional piece with a fun, contemporary feeling. This playful puppy rests on a structure complete with stone blocks and an oak leaf and acorn border. Notice the cat image on his collar tag. Although he is meant for pure pleasure, with cheeks puffed out in playful anticipation, no doubt some will be displayed as loving pet memorials.
Floral Pet Memorial Engraved
Price: $73.00
Honor your pet for years to come with a personalized gravestone. The elegant flowers on this sculpture give it a timeless feel and ensure that your pet's loving legacy is always remembered.

Sleeping Puppy
Price: $28.00
This puppy curled up contentedly sleeping brings to mind our own dogs sleeping in the sunlight. A great gift for a dog lover, it could also stand as a small reminder or memorial of a loved dog. This plaque can also stand alone.
Purrfect Pals
Price: $45.00
Taking a catnap with a mouse on his back? This housecat and mouse must truly be perfect pals. With a curled up tail and ID tag on his collar, this duo will make a house feel like a home. Place this sculpture on a step or on the deck. A fun gift for cat lovers.
Cat Plaque
Price: $37.00
This is our very first plaque. It remains a best seller due to its simplicity and charm. The sculpted cat image is bold yet elegant. Notice the fish, mice, balls of yarn, and birds that help make the border. A gift for every cat lover. People sometimes write to us and describe how well this statue works as a pet memorial.
Celtic Cat Plaque
Price: $21.00
Notice how the celtic pattern turns into flying birds. Within the confines of the border, there is room for a little mouse to peer over the cat's head. This would be a charming sculpture for a child's room.
Garden Fairy - Feline Plaque
Price: $37.00
No home is complete without a house cat sculpture. This is a magical, flying cat fairy sculpture. A good gift for cat lovers and gardeners. Display on a stake just above the gardens for a truly magical look. Stake not included.
Kitty Mini
Price: $19.50
A cute little kitten playing with a ball of yarn. Display this sculpture on a desk top or windowsill. Use it as a free standing mini or a small hanging plaque.
Midnight Celtic Cat
Price: $29.97
Peacefully watching over your house or garden, the Celtic Cat has a touch of mysticism about it. A great cat-lover's gift!
Sleeping Bird
Price: $23.00

One of our classic pieces, this little bird sleeps wherever you may put him. Perfect for a tabletop or a child's room.
Star Chaser
Price: $38.00
This dog flying along with wings on his back is often used as a pet memorial. The rough stone sculptured look makes it a natural fit in the gardens. It can also work well as a bookend in a child's room.
Woodland Gathering
Price: $37.00
What a delightful little nature scene. This plaque was originally done for our local wildlife hospital. The detailed sculpture captures a variety of animals gathered in the heart of the forest. From deer, owl, turtle, raccoon, hawk, squirrel, bunnies, and even a nest, this is a nature lover's dream come true. A wonderful gift for a child or grandchild.