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Full Nest
Price: $39.97
A pretty little statue of a mother bird protectively hovering over her two children. This piece is perfect for a mother's gift or for a favorite grandmother.
Cherish the Moments
Price: $38.00
Using a daisy as an accent, this plaque reminds us to slow down and appreciate each individual moment in life. A perfect retirement gift or baby shower gift.

Verse reads: "Happiness is measured in the Cherished Moments of Life"
Finders Keepers Fairy
Price: $37.00
From her striped stockings to her acorn cap, this delightful little fairy is collecting acorns with her furry friend. This charming sculpture would look good displayed in a sun room or outside on the deck. Our fairy and squirrel plaque would make a whimsical gift for a child or grandchild.
Woodland Gathering
Price: $37.00
What a delightful little nature scene. This plaque was originally done for our local wildlife hospital. The detailed sculpture captures a variety of animals gathered in the heart of the forest. From deer, owl, turtle, raccoon, hawk, squirrel, bunnies, and even a nest, this is a nature lover's dream come true. A wonderful gift for a child or grandchild.
Spring Quartet
Price: $38.00
Flowers that last forever!

A fresh bouquet to welcome spring in this decorative hanging flower sculpture. What a gift for the gardener, especially those gardeners who spend time talking to their blossoms. Flowers truly do have colorful personalities.

Live Fully
Price: $38.00
A lovely tulip accompanies a meaningful verse. Use it as a thank you gift or just a reminder to live life fully. It can also be used as a house warming gift or retirement gift.

Verse reads: "Love Generously Give Beautifully Live Fully"
Sunflower Morning
Price: $38.00
Flowers that last forever!

This delightful scene has it all. A curious bird watches a butterfly, while an inch worm and ladybug rest on the leaves of a grinning sunflower. If this sculpture doesn't make you smile, go back and have another cup of coffee. This plaque would be a charming gift to display indoors or out.
Acanthus Butterfly
Price: $42.00
This butterfly surrounded by flowers evokes a sense of peace and a connection with nature. It makes a lovely gift, and is the perfect accent for any garden, deck or sunroom. It is slightly larger than most plaques, and can be displayed hanging or resting in a flower bed or lawn.
Peace Stone
Price: $37.00
Notice the dove carrying an olive branch and the tree itself which symbolizes growth and rebirth. The Peace Stone statue is purchased year round as a gift for a variety of occasions. Often used as a house warming gift, everyday gift or a piece of garden art. You can't go wrong giving a gift of peace.
Tree of Life Stone
Price: $39.90
The original for this was carved from a small block of Indiana limestone. My goal was to produce an image that captured the rough quality of stone combined with a symbolic strong mature tree. It represents the circle of life in a simple uncomplicated stone. It is often used as a bereavement gift, or part of a flower arrangement. Being a stone carver, I frequent cemeteries to admire the craftsmanship and images on head stones. To my surprise, the Tree of Life stone is sometimes placed near or on the ledge of a headstone.
Joy Daffodil
Price: $20.97
When a little gift is required, this plaque is the answer. Maybe just to say thank you.
Home Mini
Price: $24.90
An attractive accent and reminder of how we truly love our '' home sweet home''. Display on a window sill or counter. and imagine how cozy a nest would feel. It will turn your house into a home. It can also be used as a house warming gift.
Peace Canterbury
Price: $20.97
A gift of peace goes a long way. This little plaque is a perfect thank you gift.
Hope Gladiola
Price: $20.97
A sweet little plaque to brighten someone's day. It makes a touching gift for a friend or loved one.
Love Morning Glory
Price: $20.97
Tell someone how you feel with this botanical plaque. A small gift that means a lot.
Butterfly Meadow
Price: $20.90
This is a small plaque to use in flower arrangements, simply hang on a wall or place in a windowsill. Notice the fine detail of the flowers and hidden insects.
Price: $20.90
What a lovely nostalgic sounding name. Even the little snail seems happy. Display in a flower arrangement or give as a special little gift.
Heavenly Garden
Price: $32.00
A fun piece of art that reminds you to get outside and enjoy your garden. This sculpture is a great gift for gardeners and butterfly enthusiasts alike. Place in a flower bed, hang on a wall, or lean against a potted plant.

Verse reads: "A Garden Is A Little Patch Of Heaven On Earth"
Price: $20.90
Even the name has a lovely ring to it. Use the little plaque in a flower arrangement or simply hang on a wall. Also makes a sweet thank you gift.
A Mother's Love
Price: $36.00
A charming sculpture that embodies both nature's whimsy and motherhood. Makes a perfect baby shower or Mother's Day gift, and can be hung on a tree, garden stake, or indoors.
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