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Nature Faces

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Garden Smile Plaque
Price: $44.00
The Garden Smile has evolved over the years into our signature piece. As I walk around our village of Waterville, this botanical face is displayed on walls, fences, decks, entry ways, trellises, and not only on tree trunks, but way up in trees as sort of a nature spirit peering out from the branches. While creating this sculpture my goal was to capture the best of nature and mankind in a peaceful organic format. Customers send them all around the country as gifts to gardeners, or simply something peaceful and serene to hang indoors. While on vacation, I saw the Garden Smile plaque displayed on a building in a tiny fishing town on the coast of England. I guess it became our signature piece because wherever it's displayed, the warm winking smile makes everyone feel welcomed.
Grandma Nature
Price: $43.00
Now that my wife Deb and I have actually become grandparents, I couldn't resist having a little fun with our new titles. Somewhere in Mother Nature's family tree, there must be a Grandma Nature! Not your typical Mother Nature sculpture, this old gal has plenty of spunk. Look closely to see three little birds nesting in her new party hat. She may need glasses, but it's doubtful that anything happens without her noticing. What a fun gift for bird watchers or a friend who enjoys feeding the birds. What am I thinking - it's also a great gift for Grandma!
Grandpa Nature
Price: $43.00
Since recently becoming a grandparent myself, I just had to create a plaque to reflect my excitement. We frequently hear about Mother Nature and her love for birds and animals. So there must be a Grandpa Nature! This Grandpa Nature looks like the kind gentleman down the street who always makes time to fill the bird baths and bird feeders. Seems that three little birds have discovered a few extra seeds on Grandpa's hat. Anyone who owns a Mother Nature sculpture would be surprised and delighted to have a Grandpa Nature sculpture as well. This would be a unique sculpted plaque for bird watching friends or grandparents.
Green Man
Price: $44.00
This traditional Green Man face sculpture is cast in stone to last a lifetime indoors or outdoors. Inspired by woodland spirits and folklore dating back to what is now England. His smiling face is surrounded by oak leaves and if you look closely, you'll find a preying mantis, lady bug, butterfly, caterpillar, inchworm, snail and several acorns. Add character to decks, gardens, fences and sun rooms. The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys walks through the forest.
Buzz Off
Price: $45.00
There's one in every crowd. A garden face sculpture with some attitude. Maybe it's the bumblebee or ladybug resting on his leaves, but he doesn't seem amused. A perfect Father's Day gift, this botanical face would look great hanging on a workshop or garage wall. He is truly a modern day green man.
Price: $39.50
His playful wink makes you want to kick off your shoes and spend the afternoon romping in the sun. The Gatekeeper ensures all who pass will do so with a smile, and is the perfect companion for any gardener. He also makes a charming housewarming gift. Hang on a door to welcome visitors, a fence, tree or inside.
Too Much Fun
Price: $44.00
Life is too ridiculous, too short, and should not be taken too seriously. This garden face sculpture will bring a smile to anyone who passes by. Hang to welcome guests or just add humor to the garden. He makes a fun gift to open at any kind of party. So, send him to someone who could use a big silly smile.
Garden Smile Birdfeeder
Price: $49.90
We've taken our signature Garden Smile plaque and turned it into a bird feeder. The green man style botanical face will bring a smile every time you look out the window. It's more than a bird feeder, it's a piece of sculpture that feeds the birds. What a perfect gift for bird lovers and serious bird watchers.
Price: $40.00
Hang this garden princess on a wall amongst the ivy or amid your flowers, and watch your yard blossom with whimsy. Ivy is a perfect gift for any gardener, and the sculpture also adds charm indoors.
Laughing Leif
Price: $38.00
What a hoot this botanical face sculpture turned out to be. Place him inside or out, either way he will make you laugh.
Price: $38.00
Fern is one of the smaller botanical face plaques. His gentle smile and relaxed mood are a pleasant addition to any outdoor area. Fern would make a great gift for the gardener.
Garden Sprite Plaque
Price: $36.00
This jolly fellow is one of our smaller botanical face plaques. Liven up that tiny garden area that has always seemed to lack character. He also makes a friendly companion for the kitchen. You just can't go wrong with a face like his.
Birdwatcher Plaque
Price: $45.00
Any avid bird watcher knows the birds watch you as much as you watch them. The perfect gift for any bird watcher. Hang on a fence, deck, or any place a little humor is needed. The sculpted bird seems to be the observer in this case.
Follow Your Bliss
Price: $39.00
It's hard to look at this laughing sprite without grinning yourself. His message and accompanying smile are sure to brighten your day, or give him as gift to brighten someone else's. Hide him in the garden, hang on a tree, or let him liven up your living room.
Price: $38.00
Just look at her beautiful smile. This botanical face plaque is sure to warm up any deck or flower bed. She also makes a thoughtful housewarming gift.
Price: $44.00
Nestle this contented sculpture amongst your flowers and watch your guests smile with delight when they spot him. Or hang him on a gate or porch to welcome visitors. Either way this serene face will give you a sense of peace and happiness. He also looks great indoors.
Persephone Plaque
Price: $42.00
Her beautiful mythical face makes any area feel special. Not all botanical face sculptures have her serene peaceful smile. Whether displayed in the garden or sun room, she is always a welcomed guest.
Garden Grouch
Price: $42.00
Some days you just can't find your smile. This botanical face plaque hasn't smiled in years. Not even the tiny ladybug on his cheek can help. He makes a fun gift for Father's Day when hung in the workshop or garage.
Keep Out
Price: $45.00
I guess he says it all. This botanical face plaque would be a perfect Father's Day gift. It could hang in the workshop or garage to let everyone know who's the boss. You could also hang him on the deck, just to get a fun response from guests.
Garden Smile - Mini
Price: $26.00
Our classic garden smile, now in mini form!
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