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Regular Price: $29.90
Special Price: $21.90
Collect both books as a gift for yourself or a grandchild. "The Boy Who Loved Birds" is about a boy who dreams of becoming a bird. Learning to fly is only part of the story. "If I Were a Dinosaur" is about a boy who daydreams instead of studying. His daydreams are so vivid that he imagines himself as a dinosaur, along with all his classmates. Each story has a distinct energy and colorful art to capture the attention and imagination of every child. Every book is signed by George, which adds a personal connection to the author. Both books are illustrated by Libby Carruth Krock, George's daughter. So enjoy the combined talents of father and daughter. Who knows, you might create a book of your own with the help a your child or grandchild.

Collection includes:
#BOOK1S - The Boy Who Loved Birds - Signed
#BOOK3S - If I Were A Dinosaur - Signed
These can be purchased individually.
Chow Time
Price: $42.00
It's always a stampede when the food comes out! Different breeds (and species!) hitch a ride on their way to dinner. Tails and ears flying, it's Chow Time! A perfect gift for the dog and/or cat lover in your life!

Click on photo to watch an exclusive video of George talking about what inspired him to create this design.
Roots of Love
Price: $42.00
A beautiful way to remember anniversaries and other special moments in time. A perfect wedding gift to hang outdoors in the flower bed, or indoors on a sun room wall. Two hearts and a family tree are sculpted along with a verse that says it all.

Verse reads: "The Roots of a Family Tree begin with the Love of Two Hearts"
Mother's Plaque
Regular Price: $39.00
Special Price: $34.00
A hand-crafted tribute to mothers and the love and wisdom that they provide. This sculpture is an ideal Mother's Day gift, birthday present, or token of appreciation for Mom. It can be displayed by hanging inside or outdoors.

Verse reads: "A Mother's Love Gives Us Courage To Follow Our Hearts And Chase Our Dreams"
Grandparents Plaque
Price: $42.00
How do you thank grandparents? They probably have everything under the sun already. This grandparents' plaque is a gift that lets them know how deeply their love and support is appreciated. They may say "Oh, it was nothing", but we understand how their influence has enriched their lives and the lives of friends and family. A thank you gift for those who might not fully realize how much they are appreciated. Can be displayed indoors, or used as garden art in the flower beds.

Verse reads: "Grandparents Are Blessings From Above Enriching Our Lives With Wisdom And Love"
Memories of You
Price: $49.97
Gardens are the place we go to recharge our batteries and remember the places and people that are important in our lives. This memorial stepping stone shows an angel sitting on the moon while gazing at the stars. Each star represents the loving memory of someone special. Place it in the flower bed as a functional stepping stone, or hang on a wall inside or out. Either way is sure to keep your memories safe and alive.

Verse reads: "Memories of You fill my mind, like thousands of Bright Stars in the sky"
Family Dog
Price: $32.00
After a chaotic family get together, it's nice to be welcomed home by those patient, loving eyes. Every dog lover can relate to the love and loyalty of their favorite canine. A true pet lover's gift.

Verse reads: "Dog: The Only Family Member You Can Choose"
Teacher Stone
Price: $24.97
Give this sculpture as a thank you gift to your favorite teacher. The inspirational message says it all. Plus, it will last longer than giving an apple.

Verse reads: "Teaching Brightens Two Minds"
Thank You Neighbor
Price: $26.00
One of our customers suggested we do a neighbor plaque. What a great idea! We all have moments when we want to show our appreciation to a good neighbor. This modest little sculpture sums it up beautifully.

Verse reads: "Thank You For Being My Neighbor"
Forever Sisters
Price: $37.00
What a way to remember moments together. This can also be a peek into the future as we grow old together with our best friends. Whether sisters at heart or by family ties, this plaque says "thank you" for being my special sister. A sister gift and best friend all rolled into one.
A Blissful Home
Price: $32.00
It's all about the family. The verse on this sculpted plaque reminds us that family is the most important part of our lives. A rough stone finish gives it an old timeless appearance. The cute little bird nest is a symbol for the family unit. This plaque makes a thoughtful gift.

Verse reads: "Happiness is a Loving, Caring, Close-knit Family"
Our Nest
Price: $32.00
This is a wonderful house warming gift. Every home should be blessed, and this plaque makes it a reality. Whether you purchase this sculpture for your own home or give it as a gift, the inspirational message is there as a reminder for all to see.

Verse reads: "May Our Nest always be Blessed"
Home Mini
Price: $24.90
An attractive accent and reminder of how we truly love our '' home sweet home''. Display on a window sill or counter. and imagine how cozy a nest would feel. It will turn your house into a home. It can also be used as a house warming gift.
Sweet Pea Sextuplets
Price: $34.00
Crying babies, sleepy babies, curious babies all cuddle close in their cozy pea pod bed. A perfect baby shower gift or decoration for the new baby's room. Maybe even a first birthday gift.
Friends Are Everywhere Angel
Price: $39.00
This sweet little figurine is popular during Easter. Maybe it's the angelic little girl or the tulip and butterflies that represent spring. For whatever reason, this delightful sculpture of an angel kneeling in the flowers is a joy to own.

Verse reads: "Friends Are Everywhere"
Price: $32.00
Whether you are sisters by blood, marriage, or friendship, this sculpture will remind you of just how much you mean to one another. A sweet plaque that is a perfect holiday, birthday, or going away gift. Display indoors or in the garden.
Bless This Home
Price: $39.00
Hang this sculpture on a porch or over a doorway to ensure that there is always a guardian angel looking after your home. With its serene angel, dozing cat, peace dove and Celtic flowers, this plaque makes an ideal housewarming, wedding or holiday gift. Easel not included.

Verse reads: "Bless This Home"
Terrifying Trio
Price: $39.00
Homemade Halloween costumes are the best. A paper sack mask or giant cat mask that doesn't fit correctly, it's still great fun. Just being out at night with friends and little brothers and sisters is a treat. Set this on a table top to remember past or future Halloweens. Can be used as a Halloween party gift or Halloween decoration.
Our Life Together
Price: $38.00
Honor your husband or wife with this wistful sculpture. The loving verse, complete with a linked pair of wedding rings, will remind you both to cherish the past and look forward to countless more memories and starry nights. This sculpture is a perfect anniversary gift, or give it for a birthday or holiday.

Verse reads: "Our Life is like a sky full of Stars, shining brightly with a thousand Precious Memories"
Celebrate Life
Price: $32.00
Notice the detail on this angel's ornate gown and feathery friends. Our delicate Celebrate Life sculpture adds a dash of charm wherever she is placed. Hang her on a narrow wall, hide her amongst your flowers, lean her on a bookshelf, or give her to a friend. Easel not included.
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