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Fairies & Gnomes

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A mother gooses fairy door
Price: $40.00
Another addition to the Fairy Garden series, this charming little door is sure to delight anyone receiving it. Loaded with detail, this pretty piece will keep you looking for more. Note the owl "cornerstones" for example. Enjoy!
Mushroom Fairy Cottage
Price: $45.00
Next in George's charming Fairy Garden series is this whimsical Mushroom Fairy Cottage. So many tiny details, you'll see something different each time you look! Is it the acorn mailbox, or perhaps the face at the window you'll see next? A perfect addition to any fairy garden or even to place in a child's nursery.
Pinecone Cottage
Price: $45.00
Wonderfully detailed, this Pinecone Cottage will fit in your fairy garden perfectly. It makes a charming garden gift, or a whimsical children's room decoration.
Pumpkin Palace
Price: $45.00
A cute little fairy pumpkin house, another finely-detailed addition to your fairy garden collection. The charming thatched roof and curling vines make this a must-have for your mini garden, or another as a gift!
Critter Cottage
Price: $45.00
This charming cottage is next in the Fairy Garden designs from George. From the leafy shingles of the roof, the tree trunks which make up the cottage, to the woodland animals who inhabit it, each time you look you see a new detail (where did my coffee cup go?). Put this in your fairy garden and watch the magic!
Tiny Gnome
Price: $27.00
This tiny gnome fairy has come to water your flowers! What a sweet little plaque for your flower bed or a child's room.
Knock Knock
Price: $45.00
Knock, knock. Who's there? It could be anyone at all - from the smallest toad in your garden to the fairies who live there! This fairy door is so finely detailed, it will amuse you just to hunt for the things you didn't see at first! Any child (or adult) will love this for their garden or favorite shady tree!
Resting Place
Price: $29.97
A charming little fairy seems to be perched on the windowsill of her stony home. Our fairy sculpture is small enough to stand or hang just about anywhere. It would look good in a child's room or on a patio table. This fairy plaque would make a thoughtful gift.
Fairy of Lost Things Plaque
Price: $49.90
Have you ever lost something, then found it in a place you would never have imagined putting it? This strange phenomenon could be attributed to the Fairy of Lost Things plaque. Often well- meaning, this little fairy collects our long lost treasures in her bottomless pouch. She then returns these objects to the places she thinks they belong. So if you find your keys in the bathtub, do forgive her mischievous streak. This fairy will hang inside or out.
Sweet Pea Pixie
Price: $39.97
A lovely little garden pixie sculpture to brighten up any area. While sitting in a flower blossom, she seems to have found a tiny little friend. Perfect for flower gardens and decks. She also makes a charming house warming gift.
Finders Keepers Fairy
Price: $37.00
From her striped stockings to her acorn cap, this delightful little fairy is collecting acorns with her furry friend. This charming sculpture would look good displayed in a sun room or outside on the deck. Our fairy and squirrel plaque would make a whimsical gift for a child or grandchild.
Bunny Keeper Fairy
Price: $36.00
Someone has to keep those mischievous cuddly bunnies out of trouble. Why not a flying gnome? Notice the sun and moon embroidered on the toes of her slippers. Look closely and see the little mouse with a magic wand in her pocket. Display in the garden or children's rooms.
Gnome in the Flower Bed
Price: $42.00
Gnomes are elusive little creatures. Even with their pointed red hats, they manage to stay hidden among the foliage. This plaque portrays the flower gnome's perspective. Sometimes you must look very closely to discover nature's hidden treasures. This would be a delightful child's gift as well.
Peapod Pixie
Price: $39.97
Shhhhh! You'll wake the baby, wrapped in a leaf with her cuddly little mouse, this pixie sculpture is sound asleep in a quiet summer garden. Fairy and pixie sculptures add an innocence wherever displayed. Hang her on a fence or patio wall. A good newborn baby gift when displayed on a windowsill.
Leaf Fairies
Price: $37.00
Everyone knows that garden fairies are the ones who give your flowers their radiance and foliage its sparkle. Place these tiny winged gardeners in your yard or home and let them work their magic. Or give this sculpture to someone who needs a dash of enchantment in their life.
Songbird Fairy
Price: $39.97

** Hurry, only 1 remains **

Direct from the Opera is our voluptuous flying fairy sculpture. Just look at her bonnet and layered outfit. It appears she is singing a duet with her little friend. Not your typical fairy figurine!
Happy Birthday Fairy
Price: $36.00
Give the gift of this Happy Birthday Fairy plaque to your best friend! Carrying her cupcake and wand, her expression is sure to inspire just the right emotion to the recipient!
Magic Does Exist
Price: $30.00
In a child's imagination, anything is possible - flying through the night time sky - Magic Does Exist! As a gift for your child's nursery or a new parent, it's perfectly magical!
Star Duster
Price: $34.97
What garden or child's room is complete without this beautiful sculpted fairy sprinkling stars from her basket? With plenty of stars remaining, she can float along under delicate flapping fairy wings spreading starlight everywhere she goes. This fairy plaque would be a joyful accent to display indoors or outdoors. This plaque was intended to bring a little starlight after the sun goes down.
To Gnome Me Is To Love Me
Price: $40.00
Does this gnome live in this tree, or has he been hired to leave a sweet note for someone else? With his hammer and chisel, he's working on a valentine gift for you. Give as a gift to your Valentine, or as a heartfelt reminder to a friend or loved one. Perfect gift for Mother's Day, weddings, anniversaries, etc.