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Design of the month:  #1088 Hidden Beauty.

Hidden Beauty

Regular Price: $32.00
Special Price: $27.00
A bird and bunny enjoy the peaceful shelter of a willow tree. The finely sculpted detail reminds us to look around, take time to notice the hidden beauty in nature. Perfect for display in a sun room, or display on the deck outdoors. Remember, it's the tiny details that make life so enjoyable.

Verse reads: "There is beauty to be found in every corner of this world"

We have added our Retired Designs to the Specials Page as the inventory is limited. While they are not on "sale", we wanted you to know that these pieces will no longer be available once sold through. So please enjoy, and do not hesitate for long!

Cheesy Dreams
Price: $32.00

Napping in an old sardine can are three cuddly mice. With heads resting on soft pillows, they are surely dreaming about cheese. Under an heirloom quilt perched on a stone, all of their dreams are coming true. This delightful sculpture makes a charming gift for a grandchild.
Backyard Birds Set (#318A,158A, & 319A)
Regular Price: $87.50
Special Price: $74.00

** Hurry, only 4 remain **

Bird Lovers, rejoice! We created this set with 3 favorite pieces related to birds. A wonderful gift for any occasion: weddings, housewarming, Mother’s Day or just because.

Collection includes:
#318A - Sitting Bird
#158A - Berrybirds Welcome Plaque
#319A - Sleeping Bird
These can be purchased individually.
Price: $29.97
Our thoughts turn to Springtime when we see this daffodil plaque. Note the ladybug crawling up the stem! It's a flower you can enjoy year round with no allergies! This would make a beautiful gift for Mother's Day or Easter.
Wild Orchid
Price: $35.00
The wild orchid seems to be freshly transplanted. Look for the tiny snail and dragonfly hovering above. Just a sweet little floral sculpture to brighten up a small area.
Angel Watching Over
Price: $35.00
This is one of my favorite nativity scenes. I love the angel hovering above and the dove at their feet. It just has a different feeling from most other nativity scenes. It can stand on a side table or hang near an entry.
Annie Oakleaf
Price: $32.00
Annie Oakleaf's contented smile will surely add some charm to your home or yard. Place this leafy sculpture on a deck, hang her on a tree, display her near the fireplace, or give her to a friend.
Bird Mini Stone
Price: $19.00
The last of the original group of hand-carved stone minis is this delightful little bird. Designed to be displayed in the garden, on a windowsill or a child's gift, it can go just about anywhere. The tiny size and rough stone finish allow it to accent a garden or deck. Good things come in small packages!
Bunny Dance
Price: $26.00

** Only 1 left **

I think the bunny is dancing with delight because summer has finally arrived. This little sculpture contains a butterfly, snail, frog, ladybug and two birds. Such a party, this plaque would make a delightful child's gift.
Cat Thermometer
Price: $45.00
Maybe this cat tells the temperature with her whiskers. You can get the same information by reading the numbers next to the glass thermometer. A fun gift for cat lovers and gardeners.
Christmas Kitty
Price: $34.97
This Christmas Kitty sculpture captures the soft, cuddly warmth of a new best friend. Imagine the excitement of receiving an adorable kitty on Christmas morning. This plaque can stand indoors on a windowsill or hang outside near the front door.
Frog thermometer
Price: $45.00
Maybe this frog will sing when the temperature is right. An attractive addition to a pond or garden setting. This glass thermometer has easy to read numbers on the side.
Halloween Pet Parade
Price: $38.00
This handsome cat and dog couple are ready for their big night of Halloween fun. Can't you just see them prancing in their finery in the Halloween parade? Perfect for a child's gift or display on your door during the Fall season.
Happy Holidays
Price: $39.00
Hey, look who's at the window. Santa Claus, a reindeer, an elf, and even a Christmas mouse holding a letter. If you have a letter for Santa, just drop it in the mail slot on this sculpture. This gift can stand on a table or hang on the wall.
Holland Lop
Price: $26.00
You won't find a sweeter little bunny sculpture anywhere. Resting in a meadow full of flowers and tiny insects is a bashful little bunny watiting to go home with you. Makes a modest gift to hang on a wall or fence.
Hungry Birds
Price: $36.00
One of my favorite sculptures, this excited birds plaque is full of energy. Notice the ladybug on the sunflower leaf. A fun gift for a bird watcher.
Last Minute Shopping
Price: $39.97
It seems this polar bear family has completed their Christmas shopping. Even the two bear cubs are carrying a gift. The sleepy village in the background is covered in so much snow that only the bears can travel in or out. This clever sculpture appears to be carved into a rough stone.
Nativity Snowflake
Price: $42.00
Enjoy a wonderfully creative way to show the Holy Family in the format of a snowflake sculpture. Hang it near an entry way or on the fireplace. This Christmas decoration would also make a meaningful holiday gift.
Oh Retirement
Price: $37.00
Life is good! Nothing to worry about other than the spoiled cat. This plaque sculpture shows a happy couple enjoying their retirement years to the max. Makes a great retirement gift.
Peace Snowflake
Price: $38.00
"Peace on Earth" is the true message of Christmas. Notice the olive branch in the beak of the doves. A beautiful shape to hang near an entry way, with an inspirational message.
Polar Bear Family
Price: $29.97
These magnificent creatures, with long, thick fur and expressive faces, are always a treat to sculpt. The cuddly twin cubs and protective mother are huddled closely together for warmth. Nestled into an arched stone, I included the North Star as a reminder of the long Arctic nights.
Pumpkin Party
Price: $38.00
Capture the fun of Halloween parties and pumpkin carving contests. Halloween costumes and being with neighborhood friends are some of our best childhood memories. This Halloween plaque sits on a tabletop or can also hang on a wall or tree.
Price: $26.00
A dog doing Shakespeare? Oh well. Now you've seen it all. A cute gift for a dog lover to display on a desktop or windowsill. This is a one of a kind sculpture.
Price: $42.00
This lovely feline is all dressed up and ready for a day out. This sculpture was also inspired by a book of Women in Church Hats. Although she has a quiet personality, the bold feathered hat and paw print earrings show that she truly is a party animal. Displayed indoors or out, she will add charm to any location.
Reindeer's Day Off
Price: $45.00
Even this polar bear is willing to help Santa Claus. With flying around the world in one night, the reindeer need a break. What better helper to trudge through the icy cold and snow than this gentle sculpted polar bear?
Rock A Bye Polar Bear
Price: $35.00
Flights of fancy in a child's mind are depicted in this sculpture, which shows a child on the back of a rocking polar bear! This stand alone sculpture is great for a child's room, and can also be hung on a wall or outside on your deck.
Santa Stone
Price: $34.00
Celebrate Christmas with this classic Santa stone. Just a simple little stone sculpture to set on the mantle or hang in a child's room. You can't go wrong when giving this timeless stone Santa.
Sheep Plaque
Price: $38.00
This is the third plaque I sculpted to start the long run of over 300 designs. At the time my wife Deb was cleaning and spinning wool, so it just seemed appropriate. The arch with birds gives it a classic feel. The family of sheep in the tall grass portray a serene atmosphere. It remains one of my favorite sculptures. A perfect gift for anyone who spins or knits wool.
Sleeping Bird
Price: $23.00

One of our classic pieces, this little bird sleeps wherever you may put him. Perfect for a tabletop or a child's room.
Smiles By The Inch
Price: $40.00
This classic rain gauge hangs outdoors to add personality to decks and patios. It has a classic botanical face you might find carved into an older building. The glass cylinder has easy- to- read numbers printed on the side. A good gift for gardeners and weather watchers.
Songbird Fairy
Price: $39.97
Direct from the Opera is our voluptuous flying fairy sculpture. Just look at her bonnet and layered outfit. It appears she is singing a duet with her little friend. Not your typical fairy figurine!
Sweet Friends
Price: $32.00
A meaningful gift for an old or new friend. What better way to say "Thank you for being my friend". Use as a going away gift or a welcome back gift. A way to share special memories. Hang, or display on a desk top.
Take A Break
Price: $29.97
Something soothing for your desktop. This little mouse sculpture is in the middle of a rest break. Maybe you should take a minute to join him. He's quite happily living inside of a charming stone home that can stand alone or hang on a wall.
The Family's All Assembled- Let the Journey Begin!
Price: $39.90
This plaque shows one "chilly" family on their way to...what? A family ski trip? A holiday get-together? You decide! A great gift for any family member, or for a friend who travels frequently.
The Gift of Peace
Price: $37.00
Santa seems to be in a pose that is reminiscent of ancient stone murals. I enjoy this different feeling. It makes the message of peace feel old and timeless. This sculpture can stand freely or hang on a wall.
The Perfect Gift
Price: $39.90

Who says polar bears can't get excited about opening Christmas gifts? This family can "bearly" wait. Notice the family of bears walking toward the horizon and the northern lights. The entire sculpture appears to be carved into a rough stone that can sit or hang.
Thistle Mouse
Price: $37.00
A cute little meadow mouse collects thistle seeds in preparation for winter. This sculpture has a gentle outdoor quality, even though it is in a rough stone format. Notice the little hands and feet.
Tim Burr
Price: $37.00
With his cheery squint and toothy grin, Tim Burr is a wonderful gift for gardeners, nature lovers, and dentists alike. Hang this happy leaf sculpture indoors or out and watch the smiles grow.
tis the Season
Price: $40.97
This trio of Christmas mice are getting into the holiday spirit. With some teamwork and extra effort, this will be the most beautiful tree in the neighborhood. Notice the tiny Christmas stockings hanging on the fireplace mantle. This could be a sweet little sculpture to use as a child's gift.
Tree Mini Stone
Price: $19.00
This tiny tree was the very first of the mini series. Some enjoy it as a nature symbol, others see it as a tree of life. It was hand carved from a tiny block of Indiana limestone using homemade tiny tools. Sculpting such a small image was a fun challenge. My goal was to sculpt a stone that could be used on windowsills, kitchen counters or small table tops. The size makes it a modest thank you gift or accent in a child's room.
Triple Dog Dare
Price: $45.00
The perfect gift for any dog lover, this plaque depicts three breeds of dogs daring you to enter the house or step onto the deck! This cute challenge is one you can't resist.
Twiggy Grove
Price: $37.00
Spruce up your spruces, beautify your beeches, or accent your aspens with Miss Twiggy Grove. This grinning leaf sculpture will add irresistible personality to your garden, deck, or living room.
Uncle Nature Plaque
Price: $42.00
No one ever thinks about Uncle Nature, but he's out there every day doing good deeds. Within his botanical format you might notice a preying mantis and tiny ladybug. Just a smiling face plaque to add character and warmth to the deck or garden.
Wild Bird Thermometer
Price: $45.00
This thermometer is a natural gift for bird watchers. Sun beams, lightning bolts, and clouds all add to the atmosphere of bird watching. An attractive addition to a deck or patio.