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Face the change from Summer to Fall with a Nature Face of your own! Enjoy special prices through 9/22/14, 5:00 PM EST!

Birdwatcher Plaque

Regular Price: $45.00
Special Price: $35.00
Any avid bird watcher knows the birds watch you as much as you watch them. The perfect gift for any bird watcher. Hang on a fence, deck, or any place a little humor is needed. The sculpted bird seems to be the observer in this case.
Garden Grouch

Regular Price: $42.00
Special Price: $33.00
Some days you just can't find your smile. This botanical face plaque hasn't smiled in years. Not even the tiny ladybug on his cheek can help. He makes a fun gift for Father's Day when hung in the workshop or garage.
Garden Smile Plaque

Regular Price: $44.00
Special Price: $34.00
The Garden Smile has evolved over the years into our signature piece. As I walk around our village of Waterville, this botanical face is displayed on walls, fences, decks, entry ways, trellises, and not only on tree trunks, but way up in trees as sort of a nature spirit peering out from the branches. While creating this sculpture my goal was to capture the best of nature and mankind in a peaceful organic format. Customers send them all around the country as gifts to gardeners, or simply something peaceful and serene to hang indoors. While on vacation, I saw the Garden Smile plaque displayed on a building in a tiny fishing town on the coast of England. I guess it became our signature piece because wherever it's displayed, the warm winking smile makes everyone feel welcomed.
Persephone Plaque

Regular Price: $42.00
Special Price: $34.00
Her beautiful mythical face makes any area feel special. Not all botanical face sculptures have her serene peaceful smile. Whether displayed in the garden or sun room, she is always a welcomed guest.
Butterfly Set (#737A, 739A, 733A)

Regular Price: $66.00
Special Price: $49.97
Our unique collection of hand sculpted butterflies make an unexpected gift. Who would think that butterflies sculpted in stone could add such a light and magical appearance wherever displayed. A good gift for someone who enjoys gardening and being outdoors. Easels are included.

Collection includes:
#737A - Forget Me Not
#739A - Butterfly Meadow
#733A - Buttercup
These can be purchased individually.
Rain Therm Set (#168A & 172A)

Regular Price: $81.90
Special Price: $69.00
A wonderful combination gift for young and old alike. The rain gauge has easy to read numbers on the side of the glass cylinder. Our thermometer has numbers sculpted directly into the sculpture. The duo of a frog drinking the rain and princely frog measuring the temperature will bring a smile to all who behold them. Truly a one-of-a-kind gift set.

Collection includes:
#168A - Frog Prince Thermometer
#172A - Drinking the Rain - Rain Gauge
These can be purchased individually.
Veggie Set (#1034A, 1033A, & 1036A)

Regular Price: $105.80
Special Price: $85.00
These crazy veggies are a hysterical addition to any home, kitchen, or deck. Our Pickled Asparagus, Peas, and Raspberries are not your typical garden variety sculptures. Imagine a friend or relative receiving this trio as a gift. You'll be sure to get a phone call asking where these silly creations came from. Hey, we all need our vegetables.

Collection includes:
#1034A - Move Over, Peas
#1033A - Pickled Asparagus
#1036A - Razz-berries
These can be purchased individually.
Grandpa & Grandma Nature Set (#1163A & 1164A)

Regular Price: $84.00
Special Price: $70.00
Now we have a set of our most popular grandparents! Grandma and Grandpa Nature are a couple and will look...GRAND...on your wall or fence!

Collection includes:
#1163A - Grandpa Nature
#1164A - Grandma Nature
These can be purchased individually.
Backyard Birds Set (#318A,158A, & 319A)

Regular Price: $87.50
Special Price: $74.00
Bird Lovers, rejoice! We created this set with 3 favorite pieces related to birds. A wonderful gift for any occasion: weddings, housewarming, Mother’s Day or just because.

Collection includes:
#318A - Sitting Bird
#158A - Berrybirds Welcome Plaque
#319A - Sleeping Bird
These can be purchased individually.
Seaside Collection (#1052A, 1227A, 315A)

Regular Price: $104.97
Special Price: $89.00
Three of our seaside designs, now as a set for you! Our popular Mermaid, Starfish and our classic Snail are now paired together for a coastal feel. Perfect for a cottage or for your favorite sun-loving retirees!

Collection includes:
#1052A - Feeling Unshellfish
#1227A - Mermaid's Companions
#315A - Gertrude Snail
These can be purchased individually.
Peace and Angel Set (#5016A & 5008A)

Regular Price: $43.97
Special Price: $43.00
Our Peace Set consists of the two symbols best known to a peaceful soul: the dove of peace and an angel. This can be a loving, inspirational gift for the holidays, or a thoughtful bereavement keepsake.

Collection includes:
#5016A - Angel Mini
#5008A - Wings of Peace
These can be purchased individually.

The Boy Who Loved Birds-2nd Edition SIGNED
Regular Price: $15.95
Special Price: $10.95
This tale is of a little boy and a dream. One magical night, dreams become reality when he hatches from an egg and sprouts tiny new wings. Although a diet of crickets and such is not to his liking, he eventually learns to fly like a bird. While soaring around high above the earth in the cool night air, he begins a new life of fun and adventure. George Carruth is a nationally recognized sculptor whose own love of nature has inspired hundreds of designs. His work continues to be collected worldwide. Libby Carruth Krock is a freelance illustrator who has brought his story to life with her own style and creativity. She and her father have combined talents in this delightful tale about nature, growing up, and having big dreams.
If I Were A Dinosaur - SIGNED
Regular Price: $15.95
Special Price: $10.95
Instead of paying attention in school, George daydreams that he and his classmates have become dinosaurs. He enjoys his new, scary claws and razor-sharp teeth, but an attitude of "all play and no work" may be the reason that dinosaurs became extinct. George Carruth is a nationally recognized sculptor and experienced daydreamer. His ever-present imagination has inspired hundreds of designs that continue to be collected worldwide. Libby Carruth Krock is a painter and illustrator who has added her own colorful interpretation to her father's story as she continues to live her childhood dream.
Regular Price: $29.90
Special Price: $21.90
Collect both books as a gift for yourself or a grandchild. "The Boy Who Loved Birds" is about a boy who dreams of becoming a bird. Learning to fly is only part of the story. "If I Were a Dinosaur" is about a boy who daydreams instead of studying. His daydreams are so vivid that he imagines himself as a dinosaur, along with all his classmates. Each story has a distinct energy and colorful art to capture the attention and imagination of every child. Every book is signed by George, which adds a personal connection to the author. Both books are illustrated by Libby Carruth Krock, George's daughter. So enjoy the combined talents of father and daughter. Who knows, you might create a book of your own with the help a your child or grandchild.

Collection includes:
#BOOK1S - The Boy Who Loved Birds - Signed
#BOOK3S - If I Were A Dinosaur - Signed
These can be purchased individually.