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Carruth Studio's gift shop and gallery, Garden Smiles, is located in Waterville, Ohio. Garden Smiles, the brainchild of Deb Carruth, is the only place where you will find the complete collection of over 250 sculpted designs by George. And, only at Garden Smiles will you have the opportunity to see the newest designs that are not yet available anywhere else. Besides being a gallery for George's sculptures, it's also a place to test market new colors, mediums and ideas George may be working on. Collectors have an opportunity to take home a design or color that may never find its way into our catalog. Occasionally, George is available the day of your visit to sign your purchase or you may choose a piece of work from the many other artists represented at Garden Smiles. A visit to Garden Smiles is truly a visit into the creative world of one of the most collected sculptors in America!

Another benefit of visiting Garden Smiles is our slightly blemished area fondly dubbed "The Pursuit of Imperfection". Here you will find Carruth sculptures that have minor flaws sold at greatly reduced prices. Only Garden Smiles carries these slightly blemished items and, as a result, customers come from great distances to take advantage of our minor mistakes!

Our knowledgeable staff can help choose gifts for weddings, retirement, anniversaries, bereavement or holidays. We are well known for our gift boxing, wrapped with twine, dried flowers or holiday greens. Because we love art, we also offer the artistic creations of about 20 other talented artists. Jewelry, glass, copper, ceramics, wood and steel are but a few of the mediums used by these highly creative artists. Most items are appropriate for outdoor use, but many end up adding charm and character to kitchens, baths and children's rooms. From large outdoor benches and fountains to precious metal earrings, Garden Smiles will help solve your gift requirements.

Several times a year George enjoys inviting everyone to his "signings". These typically occur shortly before the Christmas and spring holidays. Customers wait patiently in line to visit with George while he signs and dates their new and past purchases. This is George's opportunity to gather information on what customers like about specific images, creative new ways to display the sculptures and listen to suggestions of what they would like to see sculpted in the future.

With a brief conversation and George's signature on the gift, finding unique gifts for friends and relatives can truly be an enjoyable experience.

For directions and store hours, contact or
phone (419) 878-5412.