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Carruth Studio Fundraising FAQ

Q. What designs are available and what is the price range?

  1. We have selected 42 designs for our fundraiser catalog with prices starting at $18. Please keep your choices to those designs featured in the fundraiser catalog.

Q. How do we get started?


Follow these basic steps...

  1. Request a fundraiser packet from Carruth Studio.

  2. Meet with your organization about the program, review the packet, set your sales goals, and establish your sale dates (most groups sell for 2-3 weeks).

  3. Complete and return the "Fundraiser Program Agreement" form included in your packet.

  4. Call or Email Karen with the number of fundraiser catalogs your organization will need and the business shipping address or let her know when you can pick them up. (Note: catalogs are normally sent via FedEx or UPS).
    Phone: 1-800-225-1178 x36

Q. Is there a charge for the fundraiser catalogs?

  1. There is no charge for the fundraiser catalogs and order forms.

Q. Do you have a minimum amount for the fundraiser?

  1. We do have a minimum of $400 in total sales. However, if your organization does not reach minimum (very few organizations have this problem), we will charge a $20 handling fee. This should be deducted from your total profit.

Q. Our group has completed our sale, what happens next?

Follow these basic steps...

  1. Consolidate your orders into one master order (see example below). We can email a spreadsheet to simplify.

  2. Send us your order via email, fax, phone, or mail.

  3. Include payment with your order, which must be made by 1 check payable to Carruth Studio or by Visa or Mastercard. You will only pay us 60% of the sales. By doing so, you earn your profit immediately!

  4. Please review your order carefully, any changes after submission of your final and approved order will result in a $20 handling fee per occurrence.

Q. When will my order ship?

  1. After you submit your master order, your order should be ready to ship in 2-3 weeks for spring orders and 3-4 weeks for fall orders. The entire order must ship to one address, a business or commercial address to receive the free freight. We normally send your order via FedEx or UPS.