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2 Bunnies Block
Price: $75.00
A gentle pair of bunnies is hand cast in a thick format to allow easy installation within standard masonry dimensions. Add charm and character to a terrace wall, fireplace, barbecue area, foundation or any other place that could use a decorative accent. It also looks great when included in rough stone construction like garden walls or gate posts. Add charm and character with the simple installation of a decorative block or two, then enjoy that "custom look" for years to come.
9 Lives
Price: $36.00
Ahh, the many expressions of our feline friends. All will enjoy finding the personality of their favorite kitty in this plaque.
A Blissful Home
Price: $32.00
It's all about the family. The verse on this sculpted plaque reminds us that family is the most important part of our lives. A rough stone finish gives it an old timeless appearance. The cute little bird nest is a symbol for the family unit. This plaque makes a thoughtful gift.

Verse reads: "Happiness is a Loving, Caring, Close-knit Family"
A Child's View of the Moon
Price: $42.00
Several months ago I read a young child’s description of the moon. According to four-year-old Megan Vollmar, “the moon is so full it must have eaten all the stars.” Megan’s comment and her perspective sparked my imagination. I was entranced with her view of the moon. This fun moon plaque is the result!
A Fun-gal
Price: $25.00
Since mushrooms fall into the category of fungi, I couldn't resist making a fun-gi and fun-gal mushroom plaque. Anyone who loves cooking would be proud to display this hip little gal somewhere in the kitchen. What a fun surprise gift she would make!
A Fun-gi
Price: $25.00
Fungi or fun guy? Either way, this mushroom plaque is a great character. Put a smile on someone's face, surprise them with A Fun-gi. For the cook who has everything, this is a great addition to the kitchen.
A Good Catch
Price: $39.00
There's something going on here. More than two fish that pass in the night, these two seem to be baiting each other. Not your typical fish sculpture to hang over the mantel.
A mother gooses fairy door
Price: $40.00
Another addition to the Fairy Garden series, this charming little door is sure to delight anyone receiving it. Loaded with detail, this pretty piece will keep you looking for more. Note the owl "cornerstones" for example. Enjoy!
A Mother's Love
Price: $36.00
A charming sculpture that embodies both nature's whimsy and motherhood. Makes a perfect baby shower or Mother's Day gift, and can be hung on a tree, garden stake, or indoors.
A Smile A Day
Price: $38.00
Let this cheery sun smile down on you each morning while you sip your coffee, brush your teeth, or tend the garden. The uplifting verse and contented smile will ensure that you always look on the bright side and keep things in perspective. It works equally well in the living room or the garden. A perfect gift for someone who values a daily reminder of the joys life brings, or who needs a little extra sunshine to help them through a difficult time.

Verse reads: "Start Each Day With A Smile/Live, Love and Laugh Awhile!"
A Stable In Bethlehem- Set
Price: $72.00
The Nativity set allows more versatility when displayed. Whether placed in a tight grouping, or mixed in with other complimentary objects like ornaments and greeting cards, this sculpture captures an old world, hand made appearance. Display on the mantle, shelf or ledge.
Academic Apple
Price: $33.00
Put a smile on your favorite teacher's face, or hang in the kitchen to inspire your inner pie baker. This beaming apple is a perfect accent for your home or garden, and can be displayed indoors or out.
Acanthus Butterfly
Price: $42.00
This butterfly surrounded by flowers evokes a sense of peace and a connection with nature. It makes a lovely gift, and is the perfect accent for any garden, deck or sunroom. It is slightly larger than most plaques, and can be displayed hanging or resting in a flower bed or lawn.
All Tucked In Big Block
Price: $3,000.00
This sweet winter scene of a bunny and her baby is cast in a large format to fit into standard masonry dimensions. Originally hand carved in Indiana limestone by George, it is one of four large blocks that capture the mood of the four seasons. This large sculpture makes a beautiful statement whether displayed in a wall, terrace or outdoor structure. The chisel marks on the surface give it a one of a kind, hand made appearance. Create a true custom look for your next project and enjoy compliments of guests for years to come. Bring the art of stone carving, and a little creativity, to your much loved home.
Angel Memories
Price: $45.00
This beautiful angel votive will provide a peaceful feeling as a bereavement offering, or for a memorial gift. She makes a wonderful inspirational gift. The candle takes a standard tealight votive (included).
Angel Mini
Price: $19.50
This sweet angel sculpture makes a perfect stocking stuffer, small present, or thank you gift. Place on a windowsill, edge of a potted plant, or shelf to ensure that you always have an angel watching over you.
Angel Snowflake
Price: $38.00
With their candles aloft, these six playful angels are certain to brighten any wall or fence post. Give them as a holiday gift, or decorate your own home with their sweet smiles.
Angel Watching Over
Price: $35.00
This is one of my favorite nativity scenes. I love the angel hovering above and the dove at their feet. It just has a different feeling from most other nativity scenes. It can stand on a side table or hang near an entry.
Angus the Toad
Price: $42.00
This big guy sits wherever he wants. So what if he is a toad with warts? Every statue should be as pretty as Angus.
Annie Oakleaf
Price: $32.00
Annie Oakleaf's contented smile will surely add some charm to your home or yard. Place this leafy sculpture on a deck, hang her on a tree, display her near the fireplace, or give her to a friend.
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