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Classic Collection

Classic pieces are custom ordered therefore shipping may take up to 10-14 working days
Fossilized Dragonfly Stepping Stone
Price: $42.00
A classic Carruth design, this dragonfly has the feel of having been fossilized forever. Perfect gift for any gardener.
Fossilized Fern Stepping Stone
Price: $42.00
A classic Carruth stepping stone design, this fern looks like it has been preserved in stone for a lifetime.
Fossilized Fish Stepping Stone
Price: $42.00
A classic Carruth design, a prehistoric fish looks perfectly preserved. This makes a great garden gift.
Fossilized Frog Stepping Stone
Price: $42.00
A classic Carruth design, this little frog has the look of having been fossilized forever. A beautiful gift for gardeners.
Owl Stepping Stone Square
Price: $42.00
A Carruth classic stepping stone design!
Rabbit Stepping Stone Square
Price: $42.00
This charming stepping stone will delight any gardener or rabbit lover.
Sitting Bird
Price: $23.00
A classic Carruth piece, this bird sits happily on your desk or end table.
Sleeping Bird
Price: $23.00
One of our classic pieces, this little bird sleeps wherever you may put him. Perfect for a tabletop or a child's room.
Sun Stepping Stone Square
Price: $42.00
This stepping stone makes a perfect gardening gift. The sun has an old world feel in a square stepper.
The Ornithologist Plaque
Price: $50.95
This classic piece is one of Deb's favorites, so we've brought it back for you to enjoy! This fanciful sculpture of an absent-minded ornithologist is reading up on the very birds that surround him...and he doesn't know they are reading along with him! Sure to delight any bird lover or gardener.
Turtle Musician
Price: $45.00
A beloved classic piece brought back for a limited time! This turtle is truly into his music, and will play for you on your deck or your music room. Give to your favorite music teacher or anyone who loves music...or turtles!
Cat and Mice Plaque
Price: $41.00
This sculpture of a cat with mischievous mice has always been one of my favorites. I love the classic appearance with a fun scene within. People either loved or hated the teeth on this grinning cat. Was he playing with the mice or coaxing them closer? Either way, cat lovers have displayed this garden plaque indoors in sunrooms or outdoors on a fence or deck. Send it as a gift - maybe the recipient can determine what's going on in this scene.
Classic Cardinal
Price: $42.00
One of my earlier sculptures, the bird on a spiral of vines is still one of my favorites. This plaque has a classic feel as if it were a decorative accent on an old stone structure. Since the Cardinal is the state bird for several states, he seems to already have a following. It is a great gift for a bird watcher or gardener whether displayed in sun room or back yard setting.
Kittens Plaque
Price: $42.00
These little kittens can't seem to get enough yarn loose. Even the mouse looking on is fascinated. This could be a fun sculpture for a child's room or sunroom. Any cat lover would enjoy it as a gift. Can be displayed indoors or in the garden.
Mother Nature Plaque
Price: $32.00
Not your typical image of Mother Nature sculpture? This is the kind of Mother Nature I see filling bird feeders, watering the flower beds and shuffling around the back yard in her sandals and floppy hat. Maybe you've seen her in your neighborhood as well. With all there is to do, she still has time to hand feed one of the little birds. Need a gift for a bird watcher friend or nature lover? This little lady garden plaque looks good displayed indoors or out.
Musician Plaque
Price: $38.00
Music is the storybook theme in this garden plaque. The classic format contains a king serenading his cat in the moonlight; notice the fish coming out of the water to listen. This is a gentle sculpture I intended to display in a child's room. The cast stone material is suitable for display in the backyard as well. Give the gift of music carved into stone.
To Market, To Market
Price: $39.00
Almost an illustration from a children's book, this sculpture captures the innocence of a child's imagination. What a special honor to ride the prize hog into town! Add some music to the moonlight, and it comes to life. A perfect gift to display in a child's room or as a backyard sculpture.
Two Bunnies Stone
Price: $42.00
The hand carved stone original of this lovely scene has always been one of my favorite little sculptures. The rough chisel marks compliment the quiet stillness of the two rabbits. Display it free standing on a windowsill, or hang it outdoors on the deck. A delightful gift for any nature lover.